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  1. My parents lived there in 70’s, they had internship at the oil fields during their studies, and they told me the life there was like 200 years ago or so – no roads, wooden izbushkas, in the shops you could buy only vodka and laundry blue, and the locals drank all the time, even children.

    It seems that not much changed since then, I think it’d be better to give Sakhalin back to the Japanese and there would be much more robots and sushi bars on the streets.

  2. Hey-hey, authorized1!

    Better watch your mouth, dude! I was born and spent my early years in 70’s-early 80’s there. And we lived in a good house which was rather modern at the time though it wasn’t in the biggest town in the island. Perhaps, vodka or the so called “sin’ka” was the only thing your parents bought in the local shops so now you think they’ve been selling nothing more there. And again, you may think about heavy drinking there for the same reason, too. So that’s not the Russians’ fault as a whole but your own parents’. Your’d better give your own house to the Japaneese for free so that they could make a sushi-bar out of it, ok? I would gladly drop a small coin for at the door, you beggar. You are not Russian, you’re just a BOMZH of the World.

  3. To the other mostly sane people here:

    It’s really cool in summer there. The winter views are not that impressive and take a photographer a good eye.

  4. i think over half of all the fish in russia comes from sakhalin, it is a very beautiful island and the people that went to live there when it became russian always lived very well due to the abundance of fish and asian imports. Anyway it’s a very beautiful island with jungles and beaches, the crumbling infrastructure isn’t any worse there as it is in the rest of Russia.

  5. I would like to live there. Very cold in the winter, lots of fish in the summer…. looks like the place i’m living now… 🙂

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