Parking Wars

And yet again, now BMW SUV driver has parked his car right on the path of the trams. Tram’s passenger got very disturbed and surrounded the car in question, then when the driver came attacked him, but looks like the BMW driver was in better physical form than the attacking disturbed passengers and easily defeated them.

But bit later someone on the same car still got revenged for the wrong parking habit.

Moscow parking

Moscow parking 1

Moscow parking 2

Moscow parking 3

Moscow parking 4

31 thoughts on “Parking Wars”

  1. I think the choise of colour was not random, they used blue and yellow to make the BMW owner believe the Ukrainians did this – I think the idea came directly from the KGB

  2. This is why you lost the cold war, you can’t even identify vehicles properly, much less who the real enemy is (yourselves)… whether it’s an SUV or Truck has nothing to do with it’s gas milage… and global warming hasn’t been proven.(CO2 + heat = increased plant growth which increases atmospheric oxygen) simple photosynthesis, check it out… stop rereading all the news headlines you read about how bad suv’s are. they weren’t bad when they hauled the materials to build your home/school/workplace that pays your bills. You wouldn’t be complaing if you needed the services of a truck/suv… and public transportation is just an easy target for terrorists because even the U.S.A. can’t afford the security needed to actually keep these places safe.

  3. Miss India- these are called cars, i know you dont have them were your from, but they do in Estonia and Russia- be carefull, one might even run you over, and we couldnt have a o paki dead could we?

    Once a paki, always a paki!!!

  4. I could NEVER understand how crowd can’t overpower a single man. They could have…and should have kicked his ass….

    And then move the car 🙂

  5. Hi there!you have a fantastic site!!i visit it every two days and i love it!Russia is a fantastic place!!hope to visit it someday!
    Greetings from Portugal!

  6. its fake the news.
    the car are different, the car of the video is a different type that the one of the picts .
    the main difference are the rims.


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