The Success Cafe

Russian lunch

One tired trucker was heading home thru the highway and has spotted the cafe called “Success” on the sidewalk. “Nice place to take a break and have a lunch”, he probably though and pulled over. Later, when a pleased guy was leaving an eatery with a pleasent heaviness of the abundant lunch all he could see is his truck on fire. What’s written down is not always the truth was a moral.

Russian lunch 1

Russian lunch 2

Russian lunch 3

Russian lunch 4

Russian lunch 5

Russian lunch 6

Russian lunch 7

Russian lunch 8

Russian lunch 9

Russian lunch 10

Russian lunch 11

Russian lunch 12

Russian lunch 13

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11 thoughts on “The Success Cafe”

  1. I disagree. Success cafe is right. The driver was safe in the cafe when the cab went up in flames. If it wasn’t for this pit stop, he might have died in the fire.

  2. There must be some kind of silent war between the citizens of Russia and the insurance companies, because I’ve never seen so many documented cars and trucks on fire as there are here.


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