53 thoughts on “Yet Another Date”

  1. Some of you might think she’s a w h o r e, but don’t be so fast to judge. It’s just a different culture, russian girls usualy have many, many partners and it’s nothing strange there. This may be repulsive to civilised people, but remember-to each his own.

  2. Typical double standard. If a guy has many women, he is just “playing the field” or “sowing oats”, and is OK. If a woman goes through the same process, she is criticized. There is a song that says: “a bee must go to flower to flower, NOT (the flower) from bee to bee to bee!”.

    Outside of that, what does “civilization” have to do with it?

  3. Does she suffer from facial paralysis or something? The girl has almost only one and the same neutral (b0ring) expression on all the pics (except when holding a bottle of booze).

  4. Whoa, I should settle now in Russia! I would be just a matter of sitting around a fountain or a bench near some (cute by nature) women from there! All my cares wiped away in a matter of minutes!

  5. I know why she has so many guys!

    She is a controling person and the men do not like it.She has that controling look on her face!

    Her present boyfriend has sex with her in the bedroom/living room on the pull out couch bed and her tight leash goes around his neck!

  6. Photos 14 26 & 32 show clear deformities in this freak woman. I assume the men are fellow circus acts or masters who own her as she travels.

  7. Kinda sickening to think of all those clowns pumping their sperm into her. Go ahead, stick your thing in there! It’s clean! She loves you! Bkleccchhh

  8. Sh* she’s living a male dream 🙂
    Turn it around, a guy putting up his ‘harem’ and you guys would be impressed ::))

    I call.. *Double standards*


  9. So they say Russian women are more liberated. I don’t call HIV, abortions and millions of unwanted orphans who will later become addicts, or kill themselves, or end up in jail very liberating at all.

  10. Żaden kocmołuch jej nawet nie puknął. Jakby ja porządnie zerżnęli to by nie musiała dziewczyna szukac ideału. co za głąby 🙂

  11. Well… she does seem to get around!! But as long as she stays ‘clean’ and takes proper precautions, who is to say that maybe she has made many fellows happy?

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