19 thoughts on “Pretty Russian Bride, Not”

  1. In Russia, Halloween is celebrated in June.


    Why do I have to scroll down so much to get to comments? The design of this site could place the comments right under the main article, and move all of the other “relevant” stuff to the side or the bottom of the page.

    /ran over.

    • I dunno… I would have missed a lot of cool “related” articles when I first started visiting here. I don’t like it as much as I used to… but it was great when I first started.

  2. I am, too, in full support of DNW’s suggestion.

    Great site though!! Keep it up!! Add some more to the abandoned houses/factories/whatever section!! All the best.

  3. Look at that bulge … it’s pregnant! Which implies two things, if true: (1) someone mated with it, which must have taken a huge amount of vodka, and (2) you have another generation of … that … to look forward to.

  4. This is some parallel universe. The people walking around the street all look really strange and the “bride” actually looks more normal. Just look at their faces and the strange poses, like the guy walking beside them with his hands straight down like a robot. lol

  5. It’s homeless alchocolics, it’s in my town, right after this walk they were taken by police.
    but yeah sometimes you see very strange people here

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