Beaten by Cops, Not

Beaten by Cops, Not

This Russian guy was driving 100 mp/h (around 160 km/h) across the Moscow city late at night and was stopped by road patrol. First he tried to bribe the policemen and get away with that speeding, but for some reason they refused. “Ok”, said the driver guy, “Then I would sue you for beating me!”. “Beating you?”, asked the road cop in surprise. “Yes, yes”, was the answer from the backseat of police car, and then… he starting punching himself violently in his face. The cop looked at this for a few seconds and then said the phrase which revealed why they were so precautios and also calmed down the driver a lot: “You are on the camera boy.” FAIL.

The footage itself is below.

12 thoughts on “Beaten by Cops, Not”

  1. reminds me of some American guy who was beaten by a car. He was OK, he stood up without problems but a bit later he decided that itr would be great to lie down in front of the car again as if he’d been hurted so hard he couldn’t even stand up so that he would be able to sue some money… the driver saw the guy standing up so he stepped on an accelarator and run him over to death 🙂
    i mean, American people who like commenting “another Russia drunk guy blabla” should first look back at themselves

  2. After working as cop for 25 years in STLMO. I can assure you that once off camera that young man would get a ass whopping he could only envision in his worst nightmare.

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