The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop

Today we have two pretty cool videos from Russia. First one (above) was made by surveylance cam and shows how guys from the SUV car forced the guy on Honda to pull over to the sideway because it looks like he got to close to them. They were pretty rude with him and then the brave blonde came into play.

The second video is about Russian policeman. He forced his children from an early age to do things like: walk on broken glass, cut hands with knives and more more more. In Russia he was not sued for this, on contrary he became a sort of star. Watch those crazy things his daughters do.

19 thoughts on “The Brave Blonde and Cruel Cop”

  1. First… video if an offtopic. Plz fix.

    As for the second one – he’d better bought them fitness club premium membership for a decade, rather than doing all those weird things to them…

    • This must be the fist time I see someone making a relevant comment without using the “first” cliche. Yes! There is hope for the humanity on the internet! The first video looks a bit staged, and is mis-titled. The second is a result of a bored father with too much time on his hands. I’d move out long time ago.

  2. Love the way the guy ran back to his car and let the blonde do the fighting for him.

    As for the second video, I hate that guy, he needs to get a life. The drilling up his nose was not neccesary.

  3. The guy in the first video was probably calling the cops. If he wanted to just run, he has a car, he could have been gone by then. Since he can’t fight anyway that’s probably the best he can do.

    The guy in the second video should be shot.

  4. why oh why russians like to physically fight?????????

    cant they just use words??

    also, what satisfaction can you get by beating a woman?


  5. While the first video could well have been (and most likely WAS) staged, most of you seemed to have overlooked a key ingredient in real life fights that actually can go like this: pepper spray! How does ONE woman overcome TWO men (especially in Russia!)? LOL PEPPER SPRAY!!! GET SOME if you want to be able to duplicate this very real defense from the dangers sometimes found if you walk the streets of eastern europe. 🙂 Have a great day everyone!

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