Russian Tornado

Tornado in Russia

Looks like thanks to global warming tornadoes become a normal thing in Russia. A few days ago one hit the small town of Krasnozavodsk near Moscow, leaving after itself landscape of destruction. People were shocked – they were never seen such before.

Tornado in Russia 1

Tornado in Russia 2

Tornado in Russia 3

Tornado in Russia 4

Tornado in Russia 5

Tornado in Russia 6

Tornado in Russia 7

Tornado in Russia 8

Tornado in Russia 9

Tornado in Russia 10

Tornado in Russia 11

Tornado in Russia 12

Tornado in Russia 13

Tornado in Russia 14

Tornado in Russia 15

Tornado in Russia 16

Tornado in Russia 17

Tornado in Russia 18

Tornado in Russia 19

Tornado in Russia 20

And those are two videos of how it was all starting:

via bukvalno

25 thoughts on “Russian Tornado”

    • OMG things don’t look that much different than before the tornado came through. that’s how russians always park. 🙁

  1. meh its nothing compared to tornado in USA – where all the paper houses are destroyed while russian concrete buildings are alright

    • Yeah, Russian construction sure is great. Just look at chernobyl! I think you mean mobile homes, though. Oh, and global warming is a crock — at least the idea that people are for it. But I guess as humans we go from blaming the devil to, say, Trotsky, to whatever the fantasy boogeyman of the moment is.

  2. At first I thought it was just another bad (or innovative)russian parking job.

    The are seems a little more seedy that perhaps normal. but no big deal. The wind seems to have taken somewhat of a toll on the little verandas…

    eta moya dva rubles

  3. Mistake was made – these are pictures before tornado happened. Admin please post the ‘after’ pictures as well ?

  4. Wooow thats crazy. Natual disasters in once undesirable areas are now becoming much more of a commonplace because of global warming. And tornadoes now have been documented in all 50 U.S. states like a couple years ago we had a tornado in the hills of South San Francisco of all places! I think it’s awesome that the woman happened to be so close to it when she shot the video (Its not awesome that it happened there)and you can see the formation in detail.its like something out of movie The Day After Tomorrow. Can anyone translate what the woman in the video was saying? Im learning Russian right now, but not enough to get the gist of it just yet. заранее благодарю! =]

  5. Wow… you can tell she isn’t familiar with tornados and what they can do. She’s filming it as it’s coming right at them. I grew up in what’s known as Tornado Alley in the USA where we see many tornados and the terrible destruction they can do. From what I can see of the damage, I’m guessing that was probably rated an EF1. I saw the aftermath of one that was more than 2 kilometers wide and rated an EF5. No building was left standing, all homes gone, even the pavement of the roads were stripped off the ground. Many families died in that one, including some in underground shelters, hundreds of homes gone, debris was like shrapnel from an explosion being flown in the wind. Winds inside an EF5 tornado can reach 500km/hr! They found a large tractor combine machine that weighed over 4 tons that had been picked up and carried more than a kilometer and dropped again. Nothing survives EF5 tornados. I hope you do not see any. Where I lived as a child in Texas, we had tornados, hurricanes, softball sized hail, flash floods, and other terrible weather frequently. I do not wish anyone to experience such things.

  6. Whew! We had a ginormous storm last night that knocked out power to a good part of our small town. Thankfully no major injuries or anything like that.

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  8. It is sad to see people belive in the global warming propaganda. Do some research and you will clearly see that climate change is something that happens all the time and is very little affected by what we humans do.


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