23 thoughts on “Russian Nuclear Silo”

          • Before it was decommissioned the base was capable of launching 90 Satan missiles each carrying 10 nuclear warheads (35 times bigger than the bomb at Hiroshima)with 15000km range. If the blasts didn’t kill everyone in the US the radiation or malnutrition as a result would have. Scary thought Gorbachev had 2800 of these intended for America. Chernobyl disaster was a blessing in disguise as it made the Russians realise the actual devastation these were capable of (Gorbachev interview). As a result he decommissioned all but 300…2800 would have wiped the human race.

  1. They propably have no money to keep these site up and running i have been in ukraine when working in a belgian company i didnt liked it Romania and Russia where 1000% better

    • Not in Idaho, genius.

      Soon enough your crackpot Zionist run empire will terminate. Mexico will take back the half of US you stole, and the Natives will take the rest.

  2. I was born with one of these ready to completely erase me from the face of the earth. pretty crazy how far we are willing to go to kill ourselves. thats probably only one of 5 remaining ss-18’s left after they destroyed them all, even still has the launch cap on the base.

  3. “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” Albert Einstein

  4. Hi there, I have the same request as Gerry here. I can see the base is called Pervomaysk, but I don’t know which one 🙂 Does anyone? I will be doing two trips to Ukraine in the forthcoming months, so who knows, if I get anywere near maybe I’ll try to see this awesome museum 🙂 I wish any post-Soviet nuclear base in my country was preserved so well… they are all abandoned and even stripped of all metal wires…

    • I had a further search, seems museum is in a place called Pobuz’ke, it’s a small industrial town (or big village!) near Odessa-Kiev highway. In Pervomiask is the administration of the museum (if i understood well).

      Next year i’ll definitely pay a visit to this unusual museum!

    • Quick way to find it on map:
      Enter wikimapia.org, then on search tab enter exactly this:
      “museum of strategic rocket forces”
      you’ll get direct location on google map. Seems there is only one on the world 🙂

      • Not the single one. The opposite side has some useful stuff also 🙂

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