The Plasma Radio

This video of so called “plasma radio” is popular lately on Russian blogs. The shown effect is very cool. Here is a short story to understand it:

Location: Brovary town, Russia.

Transmitter output: 150 kW

Also used: old Soviet antennas, 90 meteres (280 ft) long cable.

That’s all what you need for UNSAFE experiments to receive radio waves.

In the area of the effect of radio waves very big potential difference emerges. Because of the modulation of the radio signal the electical spark arc starts vibrating with the human voice and begins to “speak”.

The intensity of current in such “radio” can reach hundreds of ampers and it easily can molt metals.

Such electricity doesn’t have any barriers, it can come through the thick tree.

Don’t try this at home!

7 thoughts on “The Plasma Radio”

  1. This has to be fake, a simple conductor can’t demodulate AM, nevermind FM. You’d need atleast an envelope detector, and that wire looks homogenous, so no diode there.

    I call fake.

  2. Actually it does work, at least on AM. I have seen it first hand from corona discharges from C.B. guys with illegal amps putting out a few kilowatts with antennas with no corona ball on top.


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