30 thoughts on “Drunk Children”

  1. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but if I see children drinking alcohol I’m getting really really angry.

    • Come to Russia you will be angry all the time. Beer is considerd soft drink and not drinking will make you outcast person. Drinking is trtadition, sorry to say, and will cause downfall and degrading of Russia, together with standard mentality that thinks corruption is normal and a citizen can not change anything so why bother.

  2. If i am not wrong … the girls want to go home, but the boys tell something like “your mother will kill you in she will see you like this, come with us, we will go with you at a cool place,till you recover,etc” they want to rape them , profit because they are drunk 🙂

  3. In Rio de Janeiro, underage girls sells their bodies for US$ 0,50 to buy a crack rock. What’s worse?

    Does anibody know what they tell in the movie?

    It looks like these girls are about to be raped or something…

  4. What’s being said in this video? Can someone give a quick translation or summarize what seems to be going on besides the obvious?

  5. What’s being said in this video? Can someone give a quick translation or summarize what seems to be going on besides the obvious?

  6. We all know that horrible things (much worse than this) happen every minute around the world, but seeing it documented just drives it home. Human beings are sick(and the sooner we die off the better).

  7. It looks to me like those boys may have tricked the girls to make them drunk and then tape them. How come they are not drunk?

  8. Who took the video?

    BTW, interesting mix of comments here. Only a few people picked up on the disgusting boys’ behaviour, some don’t appear to know what “children” means etc. Molstly, this video seems to polarize the posters along the lines of maturity.

  9. Can you blame children for their behaviour in a society where drunkenness – both private and in public is accepted as a normal aspect of daily life?

  10. The boys probably spiked their drinks or something. All the parents of these children should have their children taken away for neglect, and those boys perhaps sent to jail since it’s pretty obvious what they were up to (especially since they weren’t drunk).

  11. In the USA a person can not purchase alcohol until they are 21.
    This is in Russia,my 10 year old step daughter purchased a bottle of wine in a small russian town.

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