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  1. I beg your pardon, but Latvia isn’t a part of Russia! So this certainly shouldn’be in this site. I feel affronted!

      • what are you even saying? the blondes featured in the fotos are obviously by-and-large eastern slavs. they’re not baltic, genetically speaking.

        • Damn fool.

          As you seem not to know a hack of what you are trying to talk about, you could start by going to the website of the local TV3 channel and look at the pictures to see what typical Latvian women look like: /click on the link in the name/.

        • Again. See here /click on the link in the name/.

          A photo of a typical Latvian lady, taken at Song and Dance festival (a folk holiday widely despised of by local “Russian speaker” chauvinist scum).

  2. Hot Latvian blonde chics make my lightsabre glow.

    Two blondes lock their keys in the car. One of the blondes tries to break into the car while the the other one watches.

    Finally the first blonde says “Damn, I can’t get in the car!” The other blond replies, “Keep trying, it looks like it’s going to rain and the top is down”.

    • i lived in that flea pit riga for a year… I didnt meet a single decent latvian.. just greedy, horible people… The russians made me very welcome. I tell as i find.

  3. Day of the blondes? Ok I guess it’s harmless enough. But the Paris Hilton wannabes??? Even the real Paris Hilton doesn’t want to emulate herself anymore.

    • no-one said it was……

      They are amazing. Nordic girls are the best. including the brunettes! Shame I live in the UK – perhaps the worlds worst place to find nice looking women…

  4. Is true – too much make-up and fake ‘glamur’. 15 year old girls using foundation on their faces should be illegal.

  5. Wait. Are they trying to prove the stereotype or what?

    Or what: Are they trying to be like overweight girls who take their gross (ie: more) fat as a badge of honour because they don’t want to improve themselves?

  6. How is it offensive to publish posts regarding Baltic countries? Those countries have once been a part of Russia for almost 50 years. I think they have all the right and morality to post. Let’s face it, you can’t run away from the history.

    • It is offensive in the way that the identity of despised and hated aggressor and occupying power is pushed over the identity of the victim.

      In fact Latvia and Estonia (collectively known as Livonia) had been German dominated for centuries, though they were for around 200 years part of Russian Empire before it collapsed. Still even then it was European, Germanic area. It never had been really part of Russia. The cultures and world view of the people living there are quite different.

      They became part of USSR (Soviet Union), illegally occupied and annexed, in 1940 and later again. Mass influx of Russian speaking Soviet settlers after WWII actually first time in history created threat to the local people and cultures to become extinct and really to become just a corner of Russia.

      Yes, it is offensive. Just because of this.

      Though I can see the other people point too, like you are mentioning here. So I do not really mind publication of information on Baltic countries here. But make no mistake – it IS an insult, though possibly non-intended. And make no mistake – they are NOT (and never have been) Russia.

      • Thank you Riga guy, you took words out of my mouth. Very precise. Except I would like to point out that Prussians and Curonians (other balt nations) got it much worse from Germans than we did, allthough thats another story.
        Look at the facial features of those girls – no slavic features at all, way more nordic and european type.
        Its actually a pitty that because of this realtively short part of history world and even Germans themselves have forgotten the many centurys long influence of german culture here.
        By the way finland was the only lucky country to keep their independance after the attacks from Soviet Union on eastern and northern Europe. Imagine posting them (finns) here if the history would be vice versa.

            • Anthropological type.

              And it is not only due to the German and Scandinavian influence over the last 1000 years (and the other way around sometimes – after all the Curonians from western shores of Latvia used to go to Scandinavia for pillage as well).

              The roots are the same.

  7. I was there 🙂 It was cool 🙂 I think next time Paris Hilton have to get invitation from organizators 🙂

    And about post – please write, that is Latvia 🙂

  8. Roughly 20 years ago…. Latvia was LSSR. Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic. Do i have to emphasize on Soviet? And the thing is its not just name or word, it was soviet. And thats right, it Was part of soviet union, so i wouldnt deny the connection.
    ah well whatever

  9. As you seem not to know a hack of what you are trying to talk about, you could start by going to the website of the local TV3 channel and look at the pictures to see what typical Latvian women look like: /click on the link in the name/.

  10. why do you guys keep saying latvian females have big feet. the females in my family dont have big feet, i dont have big feet. dont just assume that because you see a few females with oversized clodhoppers, that we’re all like that. we’re not all freaks so stop judging.

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