15 thoughts on “Best Russian Ads”

    • Appears so… Congratulations!

      Some of these are good ads. Apart from The English School one. People would not understand it straight away – and the explanation is too small and people will walk off before they bother reading it.

  1. That is NOT RIGHT!!!

    lolz was DEFINITELY FIRST!!

    The whole internet will collapse if we can be first and then not first!

  2. how can lolz be DEFINITELY FIRST!! when I was 6 minutes earlier then he was? this articel about ads is kind of boring, so I better compalain.

    • Because I SAW his post there before yours appeared. Then yours appeared with an earlier time.

      So you probably submitted earlier but yours took longer than lolz to appear.

      It’s a disgrace! To see yourself first and then find you are a worthless second 🙁

  3. One small thing: Obama should be making the Zionist-Masonic hand sign of Baphomet:




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