25 Sticky Road

Sticky Road

Crossing the road in the wrong place make
cost you shoes, because road is... sticky.
Plane in the house

29 Plane in the House

Plane in the House

Sometimes they use the parts of planes in designs of houses etc, but mainly those are detached villas or some sort of bars or cafes like this one Russian plane bar. Those Russian house owners went even
further and attached for some reason a Russian TU jet body to the second floor of the multi stored building. If that's an appartment, then just imagine how jealous are the neighbours are now.
Russian cheburek
57 Russian Cuisine: The Cheburek Russian Meat Pastry

Russian Cuisine: The Cheburek Russian Meat Pastry

In Russia you often can see small kiosks selling hot food. For many years of Soviet rain it was not hotdogs or hamburgers. Such western dishes stayed unknown to Russian people.
Instead they were eating the dishes that even can't be translated but should be named with their original Russian names, such as "Chebureks" "Belyash" or "Hichin".
Russian string transport

25 The Story of the String Train

The Story of the String Train

To continue the transportation theme for today, as we had the new trains, now something that was planned to be built 30 years ago, back in 1970s. It was called the "super string transportation system" and was claimed to come to replace the existing rail road technologies. The steel cords under great tension had to be stretched on the polls across all the country to support the high speed (up
to 500 km/h - 300 mph) trains movement. The project was pretty fast approved by Soviet government because of its cheap cost if compared to conventional rail roads - no need to prepare Earth surface - just put some polls and you are ready to go. As always, it started with just sketches on paper, made in the manner it looked to be contemporary in 1970s.
new russian trains

46 New Trains

New Trains

Now they have new trains going from Moscow to
St.Petersburg with the speeds up to 300 km/h (200 mph).
Old Russian radars in Latvia

25 Soviet Radio Telescopes

Soviet Radio Telescopes

Somewhere between Ventspils and Kolka cape in Latvia (ex-Soviet country) is located two radio telescopes (also known as "zvjozdachka" - the star), that in those days were one of most secret elements in soviet army. There are two antennas left – RT-32 (main
dish is 32 meters in diameter) and RT-16 (16 meters). The smallest one – RT-10 – was taken away when soviet soldiers left Latvia in 90-ies. With those antennas Russian forces were able to spy phone calls everywhere they wanted.
Russian cars

18 The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe

The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe

Today there is another part of some curiosities that regulary can be met on roads of Russia. This guy from Moscow paints his car differently each
season. When he is asked how road police treats him for such car decoration his says "They first smile, then ask to pass drug test".
Russian books illustrator

33 The Art of the Book

The Art of the Book

If you ever had been in Russia you probably noticed that there are a lot of book sales in Russia. Before, in Soviet times, they had called Russians "The most reading nation of the world" for their passion to read. Nowadays, people still fond of reading even under the pressure of dvd/internet entertainment pouring on the heads from everywhere - in good old Soviet times they had no of such available so reading was the only
way out to get some fun. The quality of reading material has changed also a lot. If before it was mainly classic literature or some modern novels carefully picked by Soviet censorship for not having something unwanted in them then today people more often read low-level detective stories or fantasy books which are being created at a great speed of thousands new titles every week.
Trains in Russia

12 Two Train Stories [updated]

Two Train Stories [updated]

Today we have two photo series connected with trains. First one are shots from what was or still is a train
museum in Pereslavl, Russia. It might even look more cool in such semi-abandoned condition.
Skies over Perm, Russia

12 Pilot Says “Love You”

Pilot Says “Love You”

One Russian pilot has said "Love You" to his girlfriend in a manner
that the whole Perm city has learned about that too.

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