No Road Please

Russian people don't want road

This Russian people don’t want Moscow city authorities to build new road on their land.

They didn’t get the payment proposal to sell it, but just an order saying that their land is being taken for city needs (of course they were promised something in exchange) but it seems they didn’t like the offer, so they still manage to hold the land despite the road has already been opened.

Russian people don't want road 2

This sat photo shows how the road should be going – the shot was made before it was launched, there is only some pieces of the new road.

Russian people don't want road 3

And that’s how it looks like now.

13 thoughts on “No Road Please”

  1. russian roads, it’s just a phenomenon for it’s self. 😀
    Of corse the roads near Moscow and St.Petersburg are almost fine ,but driving between other russian towns is like going throug hell, they consist mainly of holes.If the road crosses a swamp it is better you have a boat with you.

    • and you are happy about it, right?…Tell me – why Russian roads should be like in USA or Europe if Russian GDP per capita is like that of Brazil – that is 3-4 times less then in USA and most EU countries?…Especially taking into consideration dimensions of the country, climate etc…I always wonder WHY people think that everything in Russia is so strange if it perfectly the same as it should be according to Russians GDP per capita figures…I suspect it is because most people are ignorant and they think that Russia is in the same weight league economically as USA – weird people

  2. There is no sat-picture, only picture of normal road. What is purpose of post ? Nothing ‘cool’ happening. here. Except maybe the elk in the bushes on right. Or is it moose ?

  3. Hey, that’s not DEMOCRACY… Here in America the gov will just take your land under “imminent domain”… This is the same methodology used for the US gov to invade Iraq, you know, claiming it was WMD or whatever, when it was just for oil…

    But anyway… nice to know people have rights someplace in the world… not much left here in the US…

  4. Eminent domain in the USA versus Russia?

    Obviously, people now have more freedom and personal property rights in Russia, than America.

    I never dreamed I would ever be thinking of moving back to Russia, but America has turned into a terrible place.

  5. Hey Cossack,

    America is not a terrible place… it’s a great place… Only in America could a man with down syndrome like Bush become president. And only in America can we have so much corruption from Madoff and down to every home owner lying on their mortgage applications in support of this vapor ware economy where sending jobs overseas increases US GDP in this silly phantom economy. Only in America technology like the space shuttle blow up from an o-ring or foam and we can point to Russians and say your Soyuz with 1800 plus flights is antiquate… And for this fundamental that makes America special – it’s hypocrisy.

    We Americans snookered Yushenko and tie eating Saakasvili into destroying their countries – now they too can follow us down the drain.

    Everyone wanted to be like America, but now they realize debt, no oil, no jobs, no personal credit, miss diagnosis of the wmd fairy tale, a stock market that is run like a casino, and a currency that is being printed faster than bad news streams off the media and we can see why America is unique.

    Anyway, so I rambled, I think this picture above shows that the table has turned and I find it hilarious that the things are falling apart here in America. It just goes to show you, democracy and capitalism are very important, and I am happy that Russia embraced both. The US is losing so much, from America begging communist China and the rest of the world for support of the dollar, to the threat of basic freedoms in America, it’s so sad.

    Look at the bright side, Ukraine and Georgia are now almost just like America.

  6. At least they’re getting compensation for their land. Here in the U.S. the government can take land with no compensation at all, and it’s usually so some fat cat can build a toll road or stadium and stick it to the public. I’d like to see more people take a stand for their rights.


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