28 thoughts on “Medieval Fight”

    • It seems that in this play Slavic warriors are protecting the fortress and German crusaders are attacking. These guys represent both sides.

  1. I want to say that I am very scared of wars or dying, I am glad that there is a little less fighting in this century.

    I like guns though, shooting real guns and playing Counter-Strike!

    • Don’t worry, Vektor, dying is only annoying the first time, once you get used to it it is not as bad as people think it is.

  2. This kind of games is popular worldwide, not only in Russian.
    But the people’s costumes looks more like medieval Europe than old Russian..

      • The guys defending the fort look somewhat like “Russian knights” …you can tell by their helmet shape and chain mail armor with leather which was typically the Viking/Middle Eastern warrior look.

        The guys attacking look nothing less than French/Germanic knights of some order.

        looks like it’s a re-enactment of a crusade…or something of that sort.

        Catholic nations had tried a couple times to “Christionize” ancient Rus people. An example of this is when the Teutonic Order conflicted Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky of Novgorod’s army at lake Peipus (near Pskov and modern day Estonia)

  3. Wow this looks like that role-playing game McLovin and his friends were playing in “Role Models”. What’s the Russian word for “dork”, “nerd”, or “geek”?

    • there isn’t really… the closest thing i can think of is “ochkarik” (means four-eyes…referring to studious, “really good at school” type kids)

      no dorks in russian language. sry

  4. One side of the conflict is clearly the “Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem” (quite a mouthful, huh :-D) or simply “The Order of Teutonic/German Knights”. The giveaway is black cross on the white background used on the clothing and shields.
    I admit I do not recognize the other coats of arms.

  5. The American version is called the SCA (SCA.org). No fire, no live steel, but large rattan poles that still hurt like there’s no tomorrow.

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  7. I like the picture with the robot eye, I did nto know we had such thing in the world, most of the old films are not becoming reality, it is funny but also very scary!!!

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