New Car Thieves

Russian car thieves

If before car thieves mainly were looking inside of the car to get some accidentally left bag or car cd, then these days they switched to the surface of the car, thanks to all this fast electrical tools available to public today.

The car owner is risking to find his car stripped of most vital body parts in minutes when he leaves his car unattended on the street.

Below photos a few of such accidents happened in Russia.

Russian car thieves 2

Russian car thieves 3

Russian car thieves 4

Russian car thieves 5

Russian car thieves 6

Russian car thieves 7

Russian car thieves 8

25 thoughts on “New Car Thieves”

  1. First!

    At least they left the tires and the rims. In American Ghetto those would’ve been gone faster than you can say Russia Rules!

    • Is popular way to get large car and surprise wife with large car when you have no money and too lazy to work !! Tis is how I got my BMW IZETTA!!!

    • Why do Russians always steal two cars in Germany? Because they are sure that one of them will be stolen when they travel through Poland!

  2. I`m not sure that was a thieves. It`s Vladivostok city (not Vladivostok FM), Far East region with a lot of japanese cars. May be they`re waiting for an spare parts.

  3. Now I know from where my cheap spare parts are coming…:)(does it also mean that the story “it felt from the truck” is history?? 🙂 )

  4. I don’t think the second car has been the victim of theft at all.

    After all, why would any thief bother to take off the front licence plate and leave it behind in the car before stealing the bumper…

  5. Spare front ends for cars about to travel west. Now they dock any damage from the drivers wage they are probably stealing spares to justify doing the trip.

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  7. It’s crazy that they took the bonnet and seats, imagine the call to the insurance company, ‘no they didn’t take the wheels or engine, just the bonnet and doors. I agree why do some people who don’t live in the safest street buy nice cars, it’s just asking to get robbed and the insurance premium must be very high if it’s a crime hot-spot.

  8. would anyone here know a trustworthy legit site to easily sell your precious metal … these dudes? Selling Gold

  9. Not sure if I have got it wrong, but the thieves left the airbags behind, are they not worth quite a bit of money, like more than the body panels they took?


  10. Re Sandys comment:

    I had my Glouceter plumbers van broke in to last week, they pinched the tools and the airbag from the steering wheel. Have you ever heard such a thing before?


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