Fast Renovation

Russian renovation

If you want to give your city new cool renovated look and don’t want to spend much you can take the tip from Yekaterinburg city officials who have ordered cool looking canvases and just put them on top of the houses where people live so that their city could look more attractive in summer.

Russian renovation 2

Russian renovation 3

Russian renovation 4

This place looks like it has a blooming garden inside.

Russian renovation 5

But what is there is…

Russian renovation 6 garden. What a pity.

Russian renovation 2

And now shots from another place. It looks neat and tidy, with modern renovated gates and flags and old Lenin buddy on the wall with “Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin would live” saying below its portrait. But what’s inside?

Russian renovation 3
Looks like the roof is not here any more, in winter.
Russian renovation 4
…and even next summer it doesn’t come back too.

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19 thoughts on “Fast Renovation”

      • Reminds me of the screen mural the allies used to conceal their military airport to avoid detection from over flying recon planes.

          • It is normal accross europe to cover what is to be rernovated by a piece of fafric showing how it is going to be renovated. If that is funny than go to south, north, or anywhere in india and you will die of fun!

  1. I saw this at some buildings near Red Square when visiting Moscow. Most notably, the Bolshoi theatre was covered up in such cloths.

  2. It’s not “for city to look attractive”, do you think that those who employ such methods care about citizens? This is just because SCO meeting is planned to take place here.

  3. In Astrakan when renovating peoples have too little money to finnish and use the fabric to cover up remaining holes and look good and cool for neighbours!! Very important in Russia!! Same trick as used with gold porsche: look good and impressive and you’re working class peers will respect you and try to steal it from you.

  4. OMG Russian people can’t even maintain roofs over their buildings. But in India we have awesome houses and palaces even made entirely out of pubes of a retareded boy. It is very valuable. 🙂

  5. Not only is it silly – the whole thing makes no sense – it’s obviously fake and so anyone would immediately think “They are hiding something, let’s have a look behind..

    Reminds me of the phrase “The Queen thinks the world smells of fresh paint”

  6. Do you seriously believe people live in there under the covers? Those are used during renovation process, in Bolshoi theater for example.

    • Yeah. They are used to cover scaffolding etc. I remember exactly where I saw them for the first time – in Venice.
      However, the question is whether the solution is temporary or a permanent one…:-D

  7. Those things’ main use is to prevent the dust from spreading around, during construction works or renovation. And the image on the cover has only esthetic role. Shows how the building will look like, after the works are finished.

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