Personal Railroad

Russian personal railway

Some people are fond of collecting toy trains and building complex railroads to run them on.

Guys in Russia were not satisfied with such approach. They’ve started building their not-so-toy personal railroad system across their plot. “The best way to move around your land is on your own railroad”, says the guy who made this.

But in winter it gets even more complicated.

Russian personal railway 2

Russian personal railway 3

Russian personal railway 4

Russian personal railway 5

Russian personal railway 6

Russian personal railway 7

But in winter it gets even more complicated.

And another video footage, from Russian News.

15 thoughts on “Personal Railroad”

  1. yes this is russian train. why make post of it ? i know it is old and not like stupit U ASS A shiny train, but if we put in curtains is as good! does trick as good ! and cheap!

  2. What make and model engine is providing the power? It reminds me of a 90cc Honda motorcycle engine.

    His wife always knows where he’s at. Out messing with the train and railroad.

    Love it!


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