Automobiles are by Devil

Russian social art

Art in Russia sometimes goes on streets too. This time in form of a social propaganda for more concious living.

First one reads “Magic of computer is a devil’s magic. Youth gets destruction of integrity of reality, the perceptance of the around life is being torn to pieces, like a computer game in which you can restart as many times as you like from the beginning. Young people turn into bio-robots and it’s very pity.”

Russian social art 2

“More than 30 thousand people tragically die every year on the roads of Russia because of the car, this monster that occupied our Motherland. Because of its stink the climate has been changed, before it didn’t kill all of us lets kick all the cars away to the land from there they came from.

Russian social art 3

“The selling point of the death and disease. Nicotine and Alcohol.”

Russian social art 4

“Faces of Russia. Faces of Young Russians. Money, bar, casino, wine, beer, debauchery, idleness, idleness, cars, profit, business”

Russian social art 5

“Young generation is being left on its own. It doesn’t have any ideals, lives by one day only. And society with such youth has no future. Genocide. Computer. TV. Cigarettes, wine, beer. Casino, poker clubs. Earthliness. Materialism. Capitalism. Americanism. Indolence. Cult of money. Automobile. All by devil. “

19 thoughts on “Automobiles are by Devil”

  1. Very interesting. It looks like a Dugin-style conservative, orthodox, patriotic and by all means anti-modernist campaign.
    It is also anti-communist. Look at the picture with the two Russian boys – one partying, the other one pictured in a derevnya. In the left (bad) part, there is the red star on Kreml – in the right (good) part, there is an orthodox church.

  2. Good concept! But main problem is not mentioned: it is not the computer, the car or the alcohol that is bad, but the Russians operating [or drinking] it. Bad drivers, hedonistic youngsters, fatalistic alcoholics.
    What are we going to do about that, message sender ? How do you want to change THE MENTALITY here ?? Fatalistic, paranoia, superstitious, corrupt ?

    That is what Russia needs fresh mentality, and doing right thing instead of making same mistakes again !

  3. It is not machines that are the devil but the Russians that operate them. How to solve that problem ????? How to change the fatalistic and corrupt mentality of russian peoples ?

    Make them stop chasing money and egocentric goals ?

  4. Interesting…I certainly agree that many modernizations have helped produce the generation we see before us (very pathetic). However, I need to ask where personal responsability comes into play. It is all well and good to demonize anything and everything for the state of today’s societies, but in the end any person needs to be responsible for his or her own actions and/or contributions to society.

  5. The author of these drawings is a paranoid schizophrenic. Simple and inexpensive medication can possibly help him/her.
    Look at “The old lady┬┤s house” on this blog or google “art brut” etc.

    • van gogh was a paranoid schizophrenic, and what?
      as well as thousands other artists

      so lame, narrow minded, unintelligent, sick of you people

  6. Hey, did anyone notice how in the poster with the devilish shop keeper, customer use weird gestures?
    Two finger lined together means ‘smoke’ and a thumb and a little finger spread means ‘drink’. Those are traditional Soviet alconauts’ signs.


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