21 thoughts on “Russian Gold Coated BMW”

  1. Gold church domes,gold walls in the kremlin,gold 2 headed Russia eagle,gold cars.

    The color of the Russian Federation!

  2. I think gold coating is a bad idea, gold scratches easily.
    Go for Tungstan Carbide – sexy color and very strong

  3. I have one thing the owner doesn’t have, the comfort that I can park my car on the street and it will be there when I am back…(in most parts of the city)

  4. The Sparrow Hills neighborhood near Moscow State University seems to be a popular place in Moscow for people to show off their cars. I saw to black Porsches racing each other at the stop light one evening. From what I heard from the locals, this is a common occurence.

  5. that gold paint wont last very long, someone is going to give it a seeing to with a set of keys

    nice touch with the silver stripe

  6. Look at the picture http://media.englishrussia.com/gold_coated_m5/7.jpg .
    Look at the mirror of the car in the water below the car.
    Why isnt the car in the watermirror in gold, as the other above?


  7. Thanks for the great post. I’m a new BMW owner so I’m trying to learn as much new stuff as I can about my car!

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