21 thoughts on “Russian Gold Coated BMW”

  1. Gold church domes,gold walls in the kremlin,gold 2 headed Russia eagle,gold cars.

    The color of the Russian Federation!

  2. I think gold coating is a bad idea, gold scratches easily.
    Go for Tungstan Carbide – sexy color and very strong

  3. I have one thing the owner doesn’t have, the comfort that I can park my car on the street and it will be there when I am back…(in most parts of the city)

  4. The Sparrow Hills neighborhood near Moscow State University seems to be a popular place in Moscow for people to show off their cars. I saw to black Porsches racing each other at the stop light one evening. From what I heard from the locals, this is a common occurence.

  5. that gold paint wont last very long, someone is going to give it a seeing to with a set of keys

    nice touch with the silver stripe

  6. Look at the picture http://media.englishrussia.com/gold_coated_m5/7.jpg .
    Look at the mirror of the car in the water below the car.
    Why isnt the car in the watermirror in gold, as the other above?



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