Russian Travel Stories 2

Russians travel abroad

Three more travel stories of Russian people being popular lately on Russian Internet.

First one is about the Russian tourists in Florida where they read in local travel about the law that prohibits sexual relations with a porcupine. That seemed so funny to them, that after some drinks they decided to get a live porcupine and prove that they can break such stupid law. Their travel mates weren’t sure they would manage get one, and were very surprised when guys brought a creature from somewhere and then… well then they did it.

Then later that night they had flight to California, and next morning they found out that…

Russians travel abroad 2

This “stupid American law” has got some reasons. Both of the heroes had severe pains in their eh.. well, down there, and went to visit a doctor.

Doctors got the diagnosis that is on the paper above. He also told them they are lucky they didn’t visit the doctor in Florida cause he could report to police about this crime.

Russians travel abroad 3

Second photos come from Egypt, where Russian guy got too much beer in paper glasses.

Russians travel abroad 4

And eventually felt asleep. He probably doesn’t need a table when he is on flight too.

Russians travel abroad 5

Russians travel abroad 6

And the third story took place most close to Russia, just 15 km (10 miles) away from Russian border in Finland, Russian guys found the farmer who makes some disturbing statues and put them all around the area.

Russians travel abroad 7

Russians travel abroad 8

The most disturbing fact about this art project is that the artist uses real human teeth from dead people probably to complete his statues.

Russians travel abroad 9

So they look really creepy.

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    • OMG rich people in Russia are fat while poor people starve to death, in the west poor people are fat and rich people are sexy, skinny and have nicely toned body. 🙁

    • LOL at the Egypt one, it’s so true. I’ve been to Egypt once, and it was literally swamped with russian tourists. That wouldn’t be bad in itself, but the way they were behaving was… just terrible. Some people trully have no shame.
      Also, at one restaurant they wouldn’t serve as because they thought we were russians at first, but when they realised we’re from Germany they were really kind.

  1. Yes, I love the english here… “in a genital” lol. That’s really funny! What is “a” genital? Must be some special Russian anatomy. Perhaps he is from Chernobyl.

  2. i think the artist hid the bodies of his victims inside the statues…. these are his victim’s teeth…

  3. I thought the the same as serial killer I think there are bodies inside the statues also. They are very creepy!!!

  4. Hey where are these weird Finnish sculptures exactly? I’ve got a Finnish friend who is spending next weekend roughly 10-20km from the Russian border and I wanna know if he’s gonna be anywhere nearby. 😀

  5. Yea right. This Veijo “Serial-killer” Rönkkönen has also made a selfportrait..:

    spooky ain´t?!

  6. Omg that statue place is in Parikkala, Finland ^^ I Was there about 1 week ago, There are hundreds and hundreds of statues! Shame theres only a few pics. And actually he is using old false teeths, not real ones 🙂 A place worth checking!
    Greetings from Finland


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