18 thoughts on “Russian Racoon Pet”

    • OMG poor russians can’t even afford regular pets, they have to find them in the wilderness. sad really. 🙁

      • It’s not because of rabies. It’s because they are classified as wild animals and it’s illegal to keep wild animals as pets.

        Otherwise , why not ban dogs?

    • Trust me, you don’t want a raccoon. It’d be an understatement to call them destructive. They are way, way too clever and wind to have as a pet. More like a monkey than a dog.

      They have no trouble opening cupboards or refrigerators, shredding packages looking for food, chewing through wiring, etc.

  1. Мужик на фото дурак, играться с енотом Георгиевской ленточкой кощунство!

  2. You cannot send live animals through the mail to Russia. They open and check every package after it arrives. Just so you know.

  3. I understand that raccoons were imported to Germany in the 1930’s by Reichsmarschal Hermann Goering who wanted a raccoon coat, and some got away and now raccoons are plentiful in Europe.

  4. Мужик на фото дурак, играться с енотом Георгиевской ленточкой кощунство!

    I agree!

    • I’ve raised three racoons myself. They don’t make good pets (in the house pet sense) but they are fun little animals to have at least once. I always raised them outside, to give them plenty of opportunities to adjust to nature. They are wild pets, and as such you can never really domesticate them, they will always leave eventually.

      Highly clever is an understatement. Racoons also love to climb all over you. They will pick through your hair. And anywhere a racoon can fit its head through (no matter its body) it will get through.

      It doesn’t take a racoon long to figure how your refrigerator.

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