Russian Balance Tricks

Russian tricks

With those cool Russian balance tricks you can entertain yourself or your friends at some party.

For the first trick you will need a glass bottle, a cork, a piece of thread and a matchstick.

With a thread one can tightly tie the upper part of bottle neck then put the end of the matchstick horizontally on the cork and then holding the matchstick with a finger the thread ends should be tied above the matchstick.

Now if to mount this system on the desktop edge it would…

Russian tricks 2

…hang even if the bottle is heavy and half filled just on one matchstick.

Russian tricks 3

And here is the another trick:

Russian tricks 4

The end of the half-opened jackknife sticked in the matchstick, knife handle down, then the match can be placed on the fingertip or at the table edge or even at the edge of the glass – the match would be stayed perfectly balanced. The effect can be doubled if to put two of such matchstick-jackknife thingies one on each other.

And another trick:

Russian tricks 5

The end of the matchstick is sticked into the cork. Then you stick the fork and the knife in two sides of the cork, as on the picture. The you can put this system at any surface and it would stay balanced.

It’s important for the fork and knife to be of around equal weight.

Russian tricks 6

Russian tricks 7

Even if you put it on the narrow edge of the wine glass.

It’s hard to believe that’s possible before trying it by yourself!

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  1. Russian matches are no match for American paper matches!
    Russian matches are the strongest matches in the world! 😉

  2. I’ll bet there’s a lot of younger people who have never seen a wooden match. Even paper ones are pretty rare nowadays.

    • Seriously? I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has seen a wooden match before. What country do you live in where matches are rare?

      • Canada. Although you can still get wooden matches if you look hard. We used to have them in the 60’s but then they started to use those silly paper matches. Even they are uncommon now. There are a lot of smokers where I live and they all use “bics” or similar. This is in a rural area where people heat their houses with wood and I still haven’t seen anybody use matches in some years now.

        • From what I understand, there’s a push to phase them out because the strikers on matchbooks and boxes of stick matches contain one of the primary ingredients in methamphetamines.

  3. In Afghanistan the poor heroin addicts must use matches to prepare and even smoke their gear because they are to poor to afford lighters. Many addicts do not have fingerprints now and get away with much crime because of this.

    • Hello ‘schoop’
      I am new at using a computer. Please can you explain what doggie style is? Do you need my email address to reply to me?

  4. These pictures are really cool but most of them are different angles of the same picture there were only about three different balance tricks and they were pretty rubbish as well so I would give this page 4/10!



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