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  1. I’m latvian and I always have seen name OMOH as OMON (..cyrilic). But… OMOH backwards is HOMOs! That’s something new for me. 😀 hahahaha

  2. What happened there? It seems like it was a very small protest, but there is OMON and a bunch of military trucks. Why? I don’t think it was only about the gays.

  3. that english gay guy Pete Thatchell is there in the picture. the good news is that there were not a lot of people. btw the asian/pakistani guy is pointing the microphone at the gay englishman. it is pathetic the way they manipulate the media for their own ends. plus they all look very unhealthy.

  4. One of the blokes in ther is Peter Tatchell – a famous UK gay rights campaigner.

    That’s pretty disgraceful. Apparently ther were only 30 of them. What did the police think they would do? Kiss them to death?

    Also – the Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzkhov, said gay parades (which this wasn’t) are “satanic”.

    At the risk of sounding a bit like Miss India…. OMG, in the west he would have to resign for that! 🙁

    • Don’t worry “satan” you’ll have your wish soon, and more to deal with than pretending to be a big, bad dark mystery on the internet. you, and the rest of the planet have not a clue what is eventually going to happen. so just keep on being angry and dramatic like all the other fool trolls all over this world. Sooner than you realize you’re gonna live to regret your words.

  5. look at russian girls, why be gay? you would only turn gay if your country’s women look like men, eg germany, britain

  6. Why they are arresting gay people? Just because they are gay? Nice piece of democracy and humanrights you have there. Jeez you are gayer than gay people!

  7. It’s refreshing to know that at least one western country is not acquiescing to sodomite pressure.

    Keep it up Russians!

      • what is so bad with being from the east?? be proud of it, we don´t mean you are chinese or arabians; you see, since our childhood we called the socialist block, or the eastern block, and nowadays when we say countries of the east we are reffering all those countries from the former soviet block (yugoslavia, poland, east-germany, ukraine, etc), because during cold war there was a barrier between capitalism and comunism, that was called western europe, and eastern europe; so we didn´t mean that you are asians, if that´s what you are talking about ; )

        • > the east we are reffering all those countries from the former
          > soviet block (yugoslavia, poland, east-germany, ukraine, etc),
          > because during cold war there was a barrier between capitalism and > comunism, that was called western europe, and eastern europe; so

          I generally agree with you, but want to add one correction: Yugoslavia was “unaligned”, and although being a kind of communist country, was not in the Eastern bloc, and was not behind the “iron curtain”. Yugoslavia had very open travel and trade relations with all counties in the world, “eastern” or “western” alike.
          Troubles for Yugoslavia came after the end of communism in Europe, but that’s another story…

          • I see you have never been in USA. Have you ever been in any democratic country? Tell me in which american state gay marriages are “very legal”?

            Freedom is just doing everything what you want, excluding crime against other people. Gays just make homosex and want to live safely in their homeland.

            You can not understand it, if yoy live without freedom in dictatorship…

  8. Load all those gays on a ship and ship them all to an island, and let them live there in their peace, but make sure to seperate female island amd male island…

  9. how sad, I’m not sure if they were breaking any rules or not, but it’s sad to see such closed-mindedness even in the XXI century.

  10. LOL – I’d stop going to gay resorts then! Did someone play with your cock when you were a kid? Maybe that’s why you care so much.

  11. If someone wants to be gay, let them. But there is no need to parade about it.
    DOes anyone think that ‘gayness’ is a sort of natural selection? No procreation etc

    • If a gay man and woman had a kid, the kid wouldn’t necessarily be gay as well. So no, it’s not a form of natural selection. Gay people come from straight people. It just is.

  12. Yeah, for a totalitarian society it’s highly reasonable to oppress gays, there are thousands of reasons to do this, for example… well… wait… damn, looks like there’s none. Except to please those who like to see a hand of totalitarian regime in everything.

  13. Way to go Russia! Bravo to Putin & the OMOH! Get those ass bandits & bum pirates out of your cities & into the Gulag or you’ll have them marrying each other like they do in Canada. Then they start “turkey baster” families like Rosey O’Donnell. Besides Russia is an Adam & Eve religous state…not an Adam & Steve monoculture. I don’t think I’m too homotional when I say, that few people in the world support your “right’ to run mice down toilet paper rolls & into your rectum. That’s not sexual voyeurism…that’s just plain sick.

  14. HOMOSEXUALS ARE INTOLERANT. If most of the society thinks it’s wrong, they should learn that what they’re doing offends other people. Why does everybody (95%) of people have to put up with something that they find offensive?!?!

  15. There was problem in one gazette, that they printed article with similar photos, but pictures were in mirrored by mistake. So there were lots of russinans with military look and had yellow labels HOMO on their back.
    So local govement closed the gazette.

  16. LOL, you slavs aren’t Western! Take a look in the mirror at your slanty beady eyes. You’re basically chinks and you know it.

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