Russian Roof Jumping

Roof jumping is Russian fun when people jump from just regular resedential houses with tied the rope. There are many risks involved in this, like hitting some balcony or a wall-mounted antenna, because of this guys who do this for the first time need to take some time to prepare themselves, like this guy couldn’t do this for first four minutes, and then the jump itself after the fourth minute.

23 thoughts on “Russian Roof Jumping”

  1. Hahahah he’s so funny! Too bad you can’t understand him joking xD

    Re Kners:
    When everyone around is laughing he mostly says something like “Yo guys so brave I am!…Hey, there will be no-one to replace me after this, ok?… Hey keep children on the distance over there, I’m gonna use foul language, true.. No-no I can’t, he-elp.. Wtf, I’m a New Gagarin, i’m a *** flyer…”

    Then he sings a song from Vinnie-the-Pooh xDD

    and when he’s flying:
    “AAa.. balconies, balconies.. Phew!.. What do you mean by stop screaming?!! I’m *** scared, I can not stop screaming **!!!… Snif, I feel uncomfortable.. Vova, they are swearing on me, snif-snif”

  2. Those kids are crazy! I bet nobody was thinking what it would be like to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.
    Thank god the the kid didn’t get hurt, I hope he never does it again. Just say NO to peer pressure!

  3. hahahha, that was great. I’m totally sending this to everyone. especially when he maternizes on the fall down. NI KHUYAAAAA

  4. This is a most annoying video. The kid’s nose looks similar to a pig’s nose, in that it was probably flattened during his practice sessions prior to this debut for Cannes er… sorry, the Darwin Awards. I sincerely hope he wins.

    Slava rulezzzzz in comments

    I fell under the table and they pulled into convulsions of laughter

  6. This is great! I have no idea what he is saying but it doesn’t matter. 🙂 I love how he goes from fun to frightened every 5 seconds.

  7. Actually, this was preparing for world record and all of them(except this guy) are professionals.


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