Two Handmades

Russian handmade

Two handmade things that can be easily made at home from some widely used materials, such as matchsticks and plastic cups.

First one is plastic cup ball, you would just need one stapler and a bunch of cups, then in ten to thirty minutes you would have your own plastic cup ball.

Russian handmade 2

Another one is some pendulum. One can ask his local physicist to ask more on the nature of the phenomena.

Russian handmade 3

Russian handmade 4

Russian handmade 5

Russian handmade 6

Russian handmade 7


18 thoughts on “Two Handmades”

    • As I said in the past, please ignore my idiocy-filled rants about Russia and it’s people. This is a great country with a lot of wonderful people and a great potential. I’m just bored and I constantly feel the need to agitate others who visit this site with my senseless comments. Have a good day 🙂

  1. Can anybody say how much cups are needed for this sphere(ball)or some better instructions how to build it. The animation shows unfortunitly not the beginning of the build-up.

  2. well…not everyone can repeat this. be sure he does that not because of lack of money, but for pleasure.and russians are not as poor as you think.

  3. That would make an awesome lamp with lenses. 😀

    And that guy is most cerntainly not poor;
    He has a Macbook, and a set of €500,- La Sportiva hiking boots. Also the shirt he is wearing is looking like some outdoor clothing as well, so it’s at least €100,-

    • Edit: Someone was ahead of me it seems.

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