Pasha in the Woods

This is Pasha. Someone has stole his video and put it on Internet, now many Russians have watched it and it became sort of a viral one.

Many can’t understand why they watch Pasha but say they can’t stop.

Some of the selected comments:

“Why is he doing this?”

“He is like Neo”

“What a beautiful place and scenery!”

“Pasha is great!”

“Is he a sort of shaman? Summoning the rain?”

“Why do he look round all the time?”

“What is this ‘back to the wild” about?”

“His movements are precise and accurate.”

“Looks like his jeans coat gives him more power”

“Van Damme for homeless”

“He looks like a maniac.”

“It was funny when he molested trees”

“If we get more of such from all Russia the enemies would run scared”

…and many more

42 thoughts on “Pasha in the Woods”

  1. i bet he wanted some reels of him doing cool stuff so that he can later cut it up, add some music and visual effects, and then use the video to seduce the womankind! whahaha

  2. Aww, poor kid. He probably wanted to make a cool video with him self. Hey kid, go with Eye Of The Tiger in the background. It will rule.

    And don’t be mean guys, you all did that at some point. How would you feel if you’d see your funny face on the internet ?

    Not very cool to publish his little private video is it ?

  3. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!

    he was probably testing his abilities he might need in the future, like climbing trees.

  4. A bit strange and very private. But he’s doing some stuff I could never do; like bending back-over and then get up? Pretty cool.

  5. I did martial arts… and trust me… most of you from here, can’t open your legs at his angle… just try to jump as he do in the first minute, with your legs, you will see it’s very hard to succeed.

    Everybody who want to do some Martial marts tricks,etc… got his problems at the first time… maybe he video myself because he wants to improve, but i invite all of you to do the same, because i want to hahahaha of all this “beer geeks” from this website


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