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nazi race

There are young people who sympathize nazis in Russia, like in many other countries. They don’t tolerate anyone not belonging to the white race, wear big boots and short haircuts and usually celebrate Hitler’s birthday. Stop, it seems here they are failing, as was proved by some Russian anti-nazi blog post.

Russian guy collected the various photos from the WW2 where and showed that Nazi troops have consisted from those who modern nazi lovers have to hate, so preaching Hitler should be totally illogical in their case.

So now Russian internet nazis seems to stuck in dilemma – can Hitler be their idol or not?

Below, one can find that compilation.

nazi race 2

Hitler was in good relations with Arabian leaders.

nazi race 4

nazi race 5

Indians served for Hitler too.

nazi race 6

nazi race 7

As well as Georgians and Azerbaijanis.

nazi race 8

nazi race 9

And Chechens.

nazi race 11

We all know Japanese did.

nazi race 10

And so the Koreans did.

nazi race 12

And Turkmenistanis.

nazi race 13

nazi race 14

Bosnians moslems were serving Nazi too. Typical morning prayer at so called Nazi army.

nazi race 15

nazi race 16

Then various people of Far East.

And there were even Nazi African troops:

nazi race 17

nazi race 18

But that’s not all. There were Jewish people who served for Nazis, wearing nazi uniforms and swastikas. They served in special “Jewish Police” that helped Nazi command to control the jewish ghettos, and later they were even used to guard concentration camps:

nazi race 17

nazi race 18

nazi race 18

So the moral here could be, that we are all one world, and the smart people who governed us in past did understand this much better than regular average people towards whom all this nazi shit propaganda was oriented – simply Hitler itself didn’t followed his doctrine and used different nations for his military needs. So, hopefully, nowadays people are wiser and won’t fall in to the trap of general terms, rather judging person by himself rather to what race or political party he belongs.

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  1. This is like the worst site to make a point about history.
    Why don’t you stick to pictures of Moscow or something like that?
    P.S. Your posts are always full of typos…can’t you get someone to look at them before posting? Sheesh……….

    • Why? I think it’s an interesting post. It just wants to point out that Hitler didn’t follow his own doctrine let alone that he was small with brown hair and hazel eyes, nothing to do with a type of the Aryan race that he proclaimed was the “best race” on the earth. There’s nothing bad, don’t take it personally.

      • I don’t think their original language is English so why not cut them some slack. They do a better job than a lot of native English speakers I’ve seen.

        That said, it always seemed obvious to me that while Hitler professed the white race, he was easy to use any means necessary to achieve his goals. Even joining forces with non-whites. Japan being a perfect example… Italians aren’t exactly blond either.

      • Hitler did follow his doctrine only you don’t know it.

        In short – he was antisemitic, not racist. And he did seek an alliance with post Ottoman, islamic countries. Not only as a tactic but as a doctrine.

  2. oh if only we could all get along….why don’t we have a picture of the commissars and the central committee who many people believe were slav but in fact were mostly jewish, caucasian with a smattering of ukrainian….

  3. Picture 13 shows the members of 13. Waffen Gebirgs Division der SS Handschar. Its personnel was mixed (Bosnians, Croats, Albanians, Germans etc.) and thus, contrary to popular belief, it was not purely Muslim division.

    • But Albanians were, and are, Moslem. And the excusing of Catholic Croats is hardly a defense of the 13th SS “Handschar” Division, as Croatia was a Fascist state allied with Nazi Germany. The Croats now even use the same “sahovica”/checkerboard emblem on their flag.
      “Good” thing that these nations (militarist Croatia, expansionist Albania) are part of NATO now. I mean, if it wasn’t for NATO Serbs and Russians would swallow up all of “cultured” Europe, ha ha (j/k to those who don’t have a grasp of speaky da English…)

  4. Of course Hitler followed his own doctrine. His goal was to defend Europe against the Jewish Bolschevism. To make alliances with other groups with similar interests was progressive.

    No one here believes for a second that muslims, indians etc. would have been allowed to immigrate to Europe and mix with the population.

  5. for Dolph: You are clearly a regular to this site so why do you make these kind of statements when it comes to this particular issue? And forget the typos, these guys don’t speak english as their mother tongue(?). For the site managers, I can fix the typos. For free. Congratulations for the world championship. Love your site.

  6. What is the origin of this “nazi african troops” photos? I can’t believe it could be possible. Germans defeated in Africa in 1943 and I can’t believe they could be till this time so desperate to allow any black people wearing german uniform with swastika.

    Maybe any of african countries after or before war just had uniforms based on Wehrmacht design (like f.e. Chile still has) and that’s the explanation?

    Anyone has more information?

    • It’s true – Hitler used al sorts of diferent ethnic groups. But similar to other colonial nations – not that welcome back at home! has a video and slightly more info. Click above..

    • Russians typically are pretty much nazies. During the war they even made pact with Hitler only to justifice territorial occupation in another countries. Occupation still continues. History forced them to start fighting against nationalsocialists and they needed to leave the word “national” away.

      • Ah, yes–let’s not forget the Latvians committing mass-murder of Jewish victims in the Baltics. Or th 15th SS and 19th SS Latvian Divisions–which patriotic Latvians built a war memorial to. Only in Latvia are the SS so beloved.

    • Oh yeah, about Africa. Didn´t look like I was able to reply. Pacts. With or without you(it is a song by U2 familiar or not, the thing should be for you). Should we still consider about making Danzig free?

    • African armies wearing this uniform at the time… Apart from Liberia and South-Africa, which was part of the British Commonwealth, there wasn’t any independent African country – so there weren’t any African armies.

      • Too Much Vodka – Liberia was independent – and had an army.

        Also – Ethiopia was never colonised – although Italy occupied it from 1936 to 1941.

        Apert from them all were colonised.

        Almost all colonies had “native” troops who wore similar uniforms to the colonising country.

    • And that’s why he didn’t want to shake hands with Jesse Owens?

      Owens was black, not jewish.

      • “Hitler didn’t snub me — it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram”

    • You’re kidding right? Did you know 10 million people died at the hand of the Nazi’s? Guess what, only 6 million of them were Jews. That’s 4 million unaccounted and rarely spoken for. As far why there might be blacks on the Nazi side, I only only imagine. Africa isn’t exactly a place of hope and prosperity. If someone tosses a buck your way when your starving to death, you might just join them no matter what their ideals.

  7. Maybe we should make a differentiation between Nazi party/army (and followers) and the werchmacht. To be a german soldier during WWII, doesn’t mean to be a nazi soldier.

    Otherwiise i’m disagree with the first comment. This is as good place as another to post that pics.

  8. Ну, что вы думаете о Дугине? So what do you think about doogin’?

    • My dear friend, you don´t keep repeating that african people are mostly black or that usa is a melting pot of races. Some things just are so obvious.

  9. Several foreign units served the Wehrmacht, they where a part of the Waffen SS as special volunteer SS-units.

    (Legion Freies Indien, recruits were Indian student volunteers resident in Germany at the time, and a handful from the Indian PoWs captured by Rommel during his North Africa Campaign)
    (250. Einheit spanischer Freiwilliger, a unit of Spanish volunteers that served in the German Army on the Eastern Front of the Second World War)
    (30. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS, the majority of them were Russians (with German officers), it also included Belarusians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Tatars)
    (13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar, 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar)

  10. Amazing photographs!!! I’ve been studying the 3rd Reich for years and I’ve never even heard of the pictures you have on this site. Superb job!

  11. I personally know a UNkrainian who fought for the Nazis purely because he wanted his country back form the Soviets.He actually changed sides twice during the war according to who was winning at the time.

  12. the last picture with the black person on is a member of the freies arabian legion. This according to the armshield he weares. So most likely he’s an arab rather then an african


  14. The photo of the Asian man being questioned by US soldiers is an interesting one to include in this essay. The gent was a Korean, captured and pressed into service by the Japanese, who gave him to the Germans as a ‘foreign worker’, and he was ultimately impressed into the German army; his story was well researched and he never volunteered for any military service. When US Army units overran his position in Normandy shortly after D-Day, they captured the dejected and thoroughly confused “Nazi soldier” – he was freed and returned home with quite a story to tell. But a “Nazi soldier”..? No.

  15. You forgot the photos of the nazi russian and ukranian soldiers during WW2. I beleive the the Ukrainian SS division was the largest Germany had???

  16. One can`t deny the fact of Soviet and Russian resistance of Nazis.but there are “some” deaf dumb and blind has rejects facts of the history.imagine,if Soviets failed at that time when Hitler blitz over the Europe and Africa.even those little tiny and dotted states who blaming Russians and Soviets were never reemerged today.God mit uns.we hate tiny states,we have the power.

  17. Thanks for defending both Russia and Germany and her civilians. My father’s family was axis including Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Russia. It was my family [Riemann/Reimann] who were one of the major patriarchs and family friends to Hitler and his rise to power. Although [Riemann/Reimann] is originally [German] and [Nobility], over thousand and five-hundred years we have spread our family-dynasty to Poland, Pomerania, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Latvia, and beloved Russia herself.

    I thank God everyday that there is websites like this to pay homage to both Russians and Germans in a humanistic way without taking sides always. I lost Russian family fighting the Soviets both alone and alongside my German family’s side in the Wehrmacht with Kosminsky and 2 million other Russians.!93D9CE5FAF95013A!204

    All to well my family knows of the death, suffering, torture, pain, and tears under Stalin and the Soviets, but my love for both Germany and Russia I will never deny.

    It is very sad when Russia has to be the savior of Germany as Germany tried to be during (WW2) to Russia. It is very sad when Germany and us Germans have to rely on Russia and Russians to build us memorials to our fallen heroes, civilians killed, etc. Sadly in great evil where folk kills fellow folk can there come of good like during (WW1) when us Germans brought forth a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

    I just came across this website and love it, and hope to see more of your articles in the future. It brings me pride both as a Russian and German descent.

    Hitler himself in late 1940 when Stalin posed his troops on the border to take Romania and then Germany-unquote:”My problem is not with mother Russia and the Russian people, but the international Jews and Bolsheviks who have hijacked her. It is my sincere hope to bring Russia back into the European way of life that it has been long denied!”

    Again Hitler spoke nothing but good in late 1944 to the Finnish President where he apologized to the Russian people for his invasion and nothing but good things, especially the beauty of the Russian people and women in particular and said he should of never allowed the allies to push him to invade.

    It wasn’t Russia who bombed Dresden! It wasn’t Russia who butchered my family and 60,000+ others at Danzig, but it was the Jews backed by the Polish-Government and Churchill! It was not Russia who firebombed Germany at Cologone, Berlin, etc, incinerating my family and millions of others! It was not Russia who declared war on Germany but the Allies and Judea, and it was Russia who became our misplaced anger and we payed for it in the end! If Russians can forgive then so can I!

    Sadly (WW1) & (WW2) were just more civil-wars where white brothers and sisters were killing each other while the culprits and profiteers and Zionist escaped unharmed. No other family has suffered from (WW1) and (WW2) then both sides of my family [Riemann/Reimann] and [White] which is mothers family.

    And as for the term “Aryan”, that term denotes our ancient Indo-European ancestors who were black hair and Brown-eyes, not the Norse version of Red/Blonde hair with Blue-eyes. The term “Aryan” comes from “Iran” formerly “Persia” which means (land of the Aryans) given by Hitler.

    Russia is White and Aryan, and to my Russian folk: “Do not let anyone tell you different or make you feel inferior because they are the ones inferior about themselves to put their fellow brothers and sisters down, especially behind a computer screen where anybody could be anybody as that is what the cyber-world is for !”

    I myself got out of the bickering and fighting long time ago, because I lost family on all sides, and no one is right if their both wrong!

    ” All my family info is on my ancestry page for further reference of what I managed to get together so far by the way!”

    And to the publisher on this site: ” do not let anyone make fun of your poor English, because I can understand everything you are saying even if their are typos which we all do at some point.”

    Keep it up and again look forward to seeing more!!!

    • “Zionists escaped unharmed”? Next thing you’ll say that the extermination of Jews was a Jewish conspiracy of extortion.

  18. The photos of muslims taking part as German allies are totally consistent with Nazi ideology because they both hate Jews as a matter of doctrine. The only difference is that the Nazis were new to it, whereas muslims hadd been killing Jews and other “infidels” for over 1300 years by 1945, and continue at it to this day. Hitler aligned himself with various muslim despots and recruited divisions from those areas to fight on the Easter Front. This was an extension of the old Ottoman/Austria-Hungarian relationship from 30 years prior. Now fragmented, the Ottomans joined from their new regional affiliations rather than under the single Turkish umbrella.

    Today, Hitler and Nazism is often cited as friend to muslims in their media, and most recently during pro-Hamas protests in the US, Canada and Middle East, as one who embodied the Muhammadan ideal of killing all the Jews.

  19. Sun Tsu, The Art of War; “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”
    Every leader in history has followed some form of this maxim. In this case, both Hitler & Stalin were making friends with the other’s enemies. One of Stalin’s generals even surrendered to help the Nazis oust Stalin.
    PS Russia stopped being communist around 1929.

  20. The nazi followers today are nothing more than bad examples of what historyc exaggerating can do.
    They don’t care about principles, they just want to beat something up.
    One of the worst groups is Serbian ‘ОБРАЗ’ that wear swastikas and Saint Sava on their t-shirts.
    Thay have no idea what happened in WWII, aside that some people died and some person was accused for it.
    But nothing can be done, because our media teaches us that way…just as every second american child is convinced that eastern slovenian nations are nothing but terrorists.

  21. O M F G

    read some historybooks, the so called jewish police in the ghettos were built of jews forced either to die or to serve the nazis, so they could live some month longer OMFG

    another crime of the nazis

  22. aah , don’t pretend you found something new , was in last year., been all over the globe.
    Spare me the drama context which shows you hardly had any education at all.

  23. About those Koreans, I heard that some Koreans were forced to served as a part of Japanese army and captured by Russian troops. Then they were also forced to move to western border area of Russian before Nazi invasion. Then they were captured again by Nazi and served as a part of Nazi SS international division.
    Some says that there were dead SS Asian officers, assumed as suicided, around Berlin.

  24. Please refer to my blog to get some extra info regarding Foreign Volunteers in Waffen SS. I didn’t hear about African ones though, please provide sources.

  25. hello friends, u dont understand the true meaning of nazis

    nazis r again rising …
    if u study ” ” then only u can undersatnd hitler, hitler was not racist, he behaved like rac ist to cheat … powerful countries and a top secret mission..
    want to know wats his mission was , then log onto

  26. Aren’t Indians the most white from Aryans ;)? Nothing special here, blacks in India are genetically whites.

    • No they don’t . That would be north Korea , china , Pakistan , Saudi Arabia yugosalvia and India. If you look at the pictures of confiscated weapons of terrorist it would be obvious. There ak s and rpg 7 s look slightly different . Goggle before you acuse please.

  27. 1) Black recruits in the Wehrmacht ?
    I don’t think so … (Never mind the Waffen-SS).
    Hitler needed all the troops he could get, but blacks ? No way !
    Those pictures are probably black american G.I.s joking around.
    2) Stalin killed more of “his” own people, including jews, than Hitler. Numbers don’t lie. So which one is better than the other ? Maybe they were twins 🙂

    Brgds, A

  28. Indian Army didn’t “serve” the Nazis, rather they had a truce with the British and joined hands with the Axis powers, to fight for Indian Independence, under the great leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose.. Indische Legion as named by the SS, constituted mostly of the PoWs captured by Rommel, later named into Azad Hind Fauz (Free India Army).


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