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  1. these where the tough times, its sad to see the little kids which are probably orphans. i cant even imagine living like that back then.

  2. To MissIndia and Faith:

    First, it’s one hell of a job finding all these photos, then matching them up with locations, then actually going out and shooting the modern scenes, then the Photoshop work.

    Second, it’s one hell of a tribute to one of the most hardcore (if not THE most hardcore!) sieges in history.

    For 900 days, the city of Leningrad was surrounded by Nazi forces. Aerial and artillery bombardments – at least once a day. Starvation and disease – living on 4 ounces of bread, with no fruits or vegetables or protein, doesn’t exactly help one’s health. No fuel, no firewood, forced to burn books and furniture to keep from freezing in the sub-zero cold.

    900 days of terror.
    3,000+ deaths each DAY. (That’s a 9/11 EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS. Puts it into perspective?)
    Over 1,000 shells & bombs dropped every day.
    Frozen corpses on the streets, because there is no one left to pick them up.

    Imagine what it’s like living in those conditions – for almost THREE YEARS. All the while, knowing that right outside the city, there are thousands of Nazi troops hell-bent on conquering “The Second Capital” of Russia.

    They never did.


    So, yeah, please tone down the negativity, have some respect. Kthxbai.

  3. Absolutely amazing work! I’ve been all over Europe, but now I want to take these photos and just walk all over St. Petersburg and try to imagine the hardship and conflict of life in the ‘eye of the storm’.

    Regardless of how ‘backwards’ you think this city or Russia looks now, look at these photos and see what this city was reduced to 65 years ago and then realize that it languished under communist control for another 45 years after the damage was done.

    While I’m not a card-carrying Russo-phile, I can look at history and these photos and imagine bits of the lives of the men, women, and children pictured walking amongst the snow, ruins, artillery, and cabbages.

    Absolutely amazing!

  4. Regardless of how you see this, backwards, forwards, its amazing to see; and I will point out that some don’t regard seeing a structure that is older than 100 years as backyard, but opinions vary.

    hats off to the photographer(s)


  5. These suffered like we have never known. Pictures are great and the shame is after the U.S. helped them against the NAZIS, through the leaders of both countries we the people and they the people became enemies. Such a shame and GOD will reward.

  6. Эти люди погибали затем, чтобы вы и мы жили

    These people perished in order that you and we lived!…

  7. fantastic job,very moving tribute.
    one thing the russians and the americans have in common is that our armies pushed the nazis back to germany,killed thousands of them,and ended that awful war.

    war is hell

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  10. These pictures are haunting. I can’t even imagine what these people went through.

    And to MissIndia and Faith…STFU! Seriously.

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  12. I admire the creativity and imagination of the artist to display the past and present side by side. The city has been rebuilt almost from a scratch.Russians must not forget the hardships their forefathers have gone through.

  13. It appears that people who made the thoughtless remarks have not seen the city. It is very beautiful & historic city, very well planned with amazing metro network and water ways, highly disciplined citizens with great sense of civic responsibility and friendly by nature.

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  16. The ghosts of the past tell us but who listens? So many today try to change history for their own ends those brave people of the past deserve so much better.


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