26 thoughts on “Pacman Goes Moscow”

  1. OMG russia is so poor that they still have to idolize the first video game ever made when the west has video games that look like live action films. sad really.

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    • The ghosts go to the kremlin in the center of the maze after pac man bites them on the Russian version.

      And I think the sound on the Russian version is like de de de de de de de de de de

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  6. Yay, it’s Moscow State University of Graphic Arts and we had first Electrical Engineering lecture in 2303 auditorium this day. I also have my own photos of that performance.

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  8. Yes! 8 of my friends and I did the same thing in 2002. It took one week to build the costumes. Take a look.


    • That was awesome! LOL, I have the Pac-Man killed sound as my alert sound on the computer, so near the beginning, when you put the sound effect in, I thought I’d hit something wrong! 😀


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