19 thoughts on “No Road Markings, Please”

    • OMG because 85% of russia cannot afford cars they don’t have to put up with nearly as much traffic as the rest of the world which means they can get by with stop signs and parking in the median just like every other place in the world without a lot of traffic. if russia ever can actually afford to put its citizens on the road, they’ll find their roads to be inadequate. sad really 🙁

    • It takes skill to drive in chaotic conditions. I prefer order and consider myself a relatively skilled driver but definitely not skilled enough to drive in those conditions.

      Not sure how you possibly cannot be impressed by the driving skills displayed in the video. Not that I approve such driving.

  1. I guess the point of the video is to show that people drive on both the right and the left. Obviously many of them have never taken lessons. Presumably they feel that they are “in control” of the situation, which explains why there are so few accidents in Russia.

    • They’re obviously more in control than most Canadian and American drivers in the same conditions.

      If North American drivers were put into those conditions and they drove the same way there would have been 50 accidents before the end of the video.

      Ok, maybe one or accidents as everyone would slow down (hopefully) if they saw an accident.

  2. I can’t believe there wasn’t at least 1 accident at that intersection in that video clip!
    If that same intersection was here in Toronto there would be a mushroom cloud over the whole city 2-3 times a day.
    There would be demonstrations over it in China.

  3. Goes to show that when given the choice of common sense and rules, comman sense usually provails…unless your of course your American, in which case your likely to get lost in a packet of cheese balls if there are no instructions on the packet…

  4. omg I’ve kinda falled in love with Russia as a country last time I was there but I’m having my doubts about driving there from Sweden, Stockholm, boat, Tallinn-St:Petersburg-Moscow, and mind you I’m on a bike if I’m doing it at all… please just shout out your pro’s and cons… lol
    sry for the eventually poor English.
    Congrats on the Gold BTW! We Swedes only got the Bronze but at least we owned the Americans! =)

    • Music author is Andrey Petrov. This is music from old (1966) Soviet movie “Beware of the Car” 🙂

    • May be from Soviet movie “Beware of the automobile”, main theme.

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