Russian Sand Sculptures

Russian Sand Sculptures

These days there was a sand sculptures contest in Moscow. Some of the most cool looking ones you can find in this post.

The organizers didn’t realize that Moscow is not the best place to held such an event because of unstable spring climate. Usually those contests are being conducted in the regions where the rains are not so often, but in this place and this time of the years rains just can go daily, so it’s big pity they didn’t last long.

Russian Sand Sculptures 2

Russian Sand Sculptures 3

Russian Sand Sculptures 4

Russian Sand Sculptures 5

Russian Sand Sculptures 6

Russian Sand Sculptures 7

Russian Sand Sculptures 8

Russian Sand Sculptures 9

Russian Sand Sculptures 10

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  1. I’ve been to one of these shows in Moscow. The artists use a glue-like substance which protects the sand from people and yes, even rain. So, again, could English Russia please be updated by someone who bothers to research something?

  2. The girth of my unit would be difficult for any sculptor to minimize. I want females to relish in my manliness. They will.

  3. The first one reminded me a Tom Zé (é) artwork from the album Todos os Olhos (, from 1972.

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  6. Hello guys. We have visited the sand statues and we could say they are amazing. The artists put lots of work in creating them. The art work was part of a contest with the theme on Mother Earth. Each artist bring his own vision.
    We enjoy the art work and we would like to visit again similar exhibitions.

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  10. Russia is known for having some of the finest carvers in the world. If you’d like to see them and master sculptors from around the world, The World Championship of Sand Sculpting will be in Federal Way, Washington this September. (It’s near Seattle). You can learn more at the website:

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