Russia: Train Tickets, No

Train in Russia

Are you going travel to Russia. Would you like to buy Russian train tickets? Well you don’t need to if you want to feel yourself for a moment Russian. Trainhiking is very common, some do it for fun some for just saving the ticket price.

Train in Russia 2

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  2. Good way to save money.
    If you think thats cool, look on youtube theres a guy riding on the back of the tokyo bullet train at around 200mph

  3. Odd. In the outlying areas (i.e. NOT one of main stations) it is pretty easy to ride the train for free. Unless there has been a policy change, rarely does the conductor come around and ask for a ticket.

    I’m thinking this is done more for a thrill than for actual transportation needs.

    • and what about indians? cramming the whole country on a train. why are you commenting on everything? back to the sweat shop with you!

  4. Ah, yes train tickets in Russia… Once we were going by train from Vyborg (or Viipurii for the drunken Finns) to St. Petersburg (or Leningrad for the backward commies). If we wanted to buy a ticket, we had to stand in line for almost an hour. The easier solution: go to the train and buy an unofficial ticket from the conductor (it was a fast train where conductors actually do check if you have tickets) for half the price.

    On another occasion, travelling from Zelenogorsk (or Terijoki for those same Finns) to Piter, as usual without a ticket, we are checked by a conductor. He takes a good look at the group, and demands a fine of 20 rubles for the people that in his view were better dressed and therefore probably have more money and 10 rubles for the others. Actually, the fine was smaller than the price of the ticket…

  5. Actually I’ve born in Russia and lived here for 20 years, but never have seen this. I even can say, these photos are most likely tune specifically. You probably think in Russia millions of poor people use such variation transporting, but it’s not true. May be in India it is.

  6. Great post. So where’s the railway police? Hanging off a rocking train doesn’t do it for me, but different strokes for future amputation folks. Where’s Comrade Lenin when you really need him? This’d never happened in the former Soviet Union…this must be the ‘new freedom’ everyone was fighting for. Nice.

  7. It’s for real, and has little to do with the price of tickets. These are suburb trains. Dirt-cheap and affordable (and easy to get on and off for free, no need to ride outside for a free ride). People do it for the sheer hell of it. Notice that none of these people have any serious luggage with them (well, one does, and he may actually be doing it for the free ride).

    The suburb trains don’t have conductors – if you get on for free by jumping a fence in the suburbs, the real challenge is to get out of the train station when you arrive, since you need the ticket to unlock the gate. You can jump the old-style gates, but the new ones are much harder to jump.

  8. I also did ride such way, sometimes when doors suddenly closed. The best place in suburban train – no wind, no people, no heat, you can sit and smoke. Just hold, and there is nothing dangerous.

    There was a joke related to this. My friends was in a train without tickets, and when revisors came, they exit and attached to the rear. The next stop, 3 or 4 kms, they entered the same wagon again. They said passengers were very amazed.

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