12 thoughts on “Kiev: Now and Then”

  1. OMG Russian occupation of Kiev turned the city back for almost 50 years behind the west when it comes to development and modernisation 🙁

    • scot,I thought you did not care about Miss India posting rude comments about Russia and surrounding countries!

  2. The funny thing is that, unlike the WWII pictures from St. Petersburg, the contrast is not that evident. I mean, most of architecture is intact, only the cars and the trams are different.

    • People should also remember how kind were russian overlords once they took over Ukraine. I’m talking about the great famine in 30’s, when few million people starved to death, thaks to forced collectivisation.

      Especially ironic is that it happend in Ukraine, which has always been extremely rich in crops, as almost half of corps in russian market were imported from Ukraine.

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