Bubbles from CD

28 The CD Bubbles

The CD Bubbles

This Russian girl can teach you on this video how to make bubbles out of regular CD, they look like soap bubbles and when they cool down they remind condoms in a
way. All you need is just a regular CD or DVD and then a lighter. She explains the rest of the process. That's an example of outcomes.
Russian UFO in Moscow

35 Moscow UFO?

Moscow UFO?

Russian people of Moscow got nice view a few days ago from their windows on the late night skies. "At 2.00am we went to walk our friends over, and then has seen THIS. It
was moving with the speed of the plane so I didn't have enough time to get the holder to make more clear shots.", writes the lady who made the photos.
Russian people don't want road

13 No Road Please

No Road Please

This Russian people don't want Moscow city authorities to build new road on their land. They didn't get the payment proposal to sell it, but just an order saying that their land is being taken for city
needs (of course they were promised something in exchange) but it seems they didn't like the offer, so they still manage to hold the land despite the road has already been opened.
Russian medieval fight

28 Medieval Fight

Medieval Fight

Another Russian fun to dress into the medieval Russian warriors, then build some castles of wood logs and play real time 3d strategies,
without using computers, but with real iron weapons. Some parties also use fire to burn the castle down and occupy it.
Russian news

29 Short Russian News

Short Russian News

There are everyday some short things going around Russian blogs that can't be put in a separate post, because they lack pictures and have just a few words to tell about them but still look cool. So I decided to put them from time to time in one post. For today we have a few too. First one is the Russian family back from end of 19th century. At that times big families were a good tradition of Russian nation and sometimes they were as big as this one, so they could make those cool according to height standing photos. The second story was about this young Russian boy. What he doing on this photo is sleeping when it is strong minus outside but he gets heated by the body of dying sea cow. He got very tired during the walrus hunt and while others were busy moving the giant dead bodies to the ship he got his minute and felt asleep on a warm
animal. Another one is no-photoshop shot of the Moon rising above the church in St. Petersburg, Russia. He used some special lens of course, but no post photo processing. This story was about a Japanese wildlife photographer who was killed by a brown bear in Kamchatka, Russia. This was yesterday spread across blogs as his last photo, taken seconds before death. Impressive isn't it? For a big pity its a fake, according to his biography he didn't make some last photo, but was carried away by a bear from his tent to the forest and his friends couldn't find him. And a small video, back from 1986, when Soviet Union was still alive, but already close to its total collapse. This is the commercial for a JUICER (no brand, just generic soviet juicer).
Russian gold plated porsche

10 Gold Plated Porsche Found

Gold Plated Porsche Found

Seems that the Gold plated Porsche that was reported stolen has been found and now we can see it in
detail, with all its few hundred golden tiles and golden screws helding them on the car's body.
Francisco Infante-Arana

14 Francisco Infante-Arana

Francisco Infante-Arana

Some people think that during Soviet era there were no alternative art in Russia, but only portraits of Lenin were popular and only scenes of everyday Soviet life were depicted. To tell truth I was a bit shocked when met those installations by Russian (yes, he is Russian, no matter what was his name - he had Spanish father but was raised by Russian mother in Russia) artist Francisco Infante-Arana. He
used no photoshop, mainly because most of the images you see in this post are from 1970-1980s, he used only natural objects like mirrors, ropes and cords and endulged a lot into the effect of light and shadow. He became widely recognized even by Soviet officials and hold personal exhibitions, as well as his art pieces were shown in main Russian museums like Tretyakovka.
Russian car thieves

25 New Car Thieves

New Car Thieves

If before car thieves mainly were looking inside of the car to get some accidentally left bag or car cd, then these days they switched to the surface of the car, thanks to all this fast electrical tools available to public
today. The car owner is risking to find his car stripped of most vital body parts in minutes when he leaves his car unattended on the street. Below photos a few of such accidents happened in Russia.
Russian renovation

19 Fast Renovation

Fast Renovation

If you want to give your city new cool renovated look and don't want to spend much you can take the tip from Yekaterinburg city officials who have ordered
cool looking canvases and just put them on top of the houses where people live so that their city could look more attractive in summer.
12 Granny vs Steps

Granny vs Steps

After they have opened this new shopping mall they wanted to attract more people and made some crazy sales for particular goods. This old
granny wanted to take something first before others and look how she fought for her right with that mechanical moving monster.

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