Russian Ingenuity 3

We continue publishing some examples of Russian ingenuity. Russians themself think that their ingenuity mainly comes into play when the situation becomes drastically desperate, and when things go normal there is no need for this. Well, this time people got in some kind of close situation. Here is a small story.

To understand it better you need to know how is usually looks like an appartment in just constructed house in Russia. As a rule, Russian constructing companies don’t sell the appartments that you can just furnish and live in. They sell the bare concrete box, just the walls of brick or concrete with no electricity lines, no pipes, no wooden floors – just concrete slabs down and up, and often there are no any separation walls inside one appartment too. Many people like this approach because they can create anything in the give flat space, though they have to put everything there by themselves. This is what happened in this case, construction works at this 18-stored house have just finnished and people have got their new concrete boxes to process further, but the elevators – it’s also a common thing in Russia in freshly built houses – were not functional, this usually happens because the bureaucratic system that gives approvals for use of elevators is a whole different story for the construction itself.

So people had no elevator but had to put all the materials that would be used to make their walls, floors, ceilings etc to 18th floor. Hiring the crane is expensive, buying small crane or hauler is also expensive. So look what they have done with their car and some rope. With it help they managed to deliever all the stuff to their flat and probably helped the neighbours too.

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      • This is why I love Russia and Russians. In the US this would be redneck engineering. Except a redneck would never buy an unfinished apartment without working elevators.

        • The redneck wouldn’t bother to finish the apartment. A mattress on the floor. A mini fridge full of beer. A TV and a recliner. (Maybe a few NASCAR posters) You are good to go.


          • the rednecks wouldn’t buy a unfinished apartment. hence your argument is lame. why would he finish it if it’s already finished? they are not russians to do it twice

  1. Lithuania is a grotty pancake of country, notorious only for its brutal murder of women and children. There is nothing in your history which could be described as brave.

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