Story of One Photo 2

Russian grainery

When person sees this image for the first time he usually just automatically tags it as “photoshopped, not a big deal” and goes browsing further. Well, this time we would stop for a while and see is it really that photoshopped or not.

Russian grainery 2

Actually, this shot was made in Ukraine, near Odessa city. It features the real structure, and it is not a project by some artist neither it is an artistic installation.

Russian grainery 3

Those are remnants of an old Soviet times grainery on the field. If to see at it from a decent distance, during the right time of the day and with right camera lens then you can catch it as like it is floating in the air, with just some not very firm support from one side, looking like some futuristic space ship, as they were seen in seventies.

Russian grainery 4

But if come closer, the sourcery disappears, when you see all those old ladders and poles supporting it from the other side.

Russian grainery 5

Here you can find a “Story of One Photo 1“.

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