Russian Bride, Not

Russian bride, not

Many foreigners are into Russian brides. They come to Russia in search for a wife or just in search of fun. But those are mainly foreighn man. Now there is something that foreighn girls might like too. Meet the Prince, from Russian dating site. That’s what he says about himself: “My kingdom is growing, but there is no decent cinderella (without bad habbits) to be turned into princess by me. That should be a girl 16-20 y.o.”. The news about the prince spreaded fast across Russian blogs and now it goes to to the west. So Russian Prince, anyone?

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Russian bride, not 4

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Russian bride, not 8

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52 thoughts on “Russian Bride, Not”

    • OMG Russians are so poor, that they can’t afford to hire decent Western designer and have to decorate houses on their own 🙁

      • Take a vacation to Miami, Florida for a weekend and get back to us on how many exotic Lambos and Ferrari’s you see there. Probably at least double or triple what you’d find in Moscow on any given day. I see them all the time here.

        You could also try Beverly Hills, California or the surrounding area and you’ll find more exotic cars than you’d know what to do with.

  1. Kind of hard to have a realtionship with a guy whos conversation is almost totally “Rbbbitt, ribbbitt” and who tries to catch flies with his tongue.

    • froggy would a wooing go!

      I haven’t seen this in Prachett, but He has been getting a lot of my attention lately.

      This scene is from a book by Shanna Swenson.

      He would have better off to buy a neon sign that flashed “Loooooser” in bright red letters.

      My web page shows my library if you are interested.

  2. Are you sure he’s the owner of this kitsch house and not the gardener making silly photos when boss is away? 🙂

    If he wanted girls without bad habits, he’d better make photos in simple house with simple clothes…much better chances of success!

  3. could anyone believe that he made his fortune in a honest way?? partialy agree with miss india, her comment applies to people like him (but not all russians)

    BTW, that´s the guy that Finik needs, if anyone can get his phone number of email; send it to him

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