Sorry, Wrong Car

Sorry, Wrong Car

This is the most viral video of yesterday from Russian Internet. Here is the quote from the original Russian post about this video, made by author: “Those Aizerbajanians (in the second Porsche Cayenne) has robbed the bank and killed one, wounded another bank worker and he has probably died later, this was in the news. They weren’t caught at that time, but here comes the information that those bandits are going to the centre of Moscow on the black Porsche Cayenne with the plates number 177-177 on the Lenin Ave. The Moscow police special forces went there same moment and prepared to infiltrate them. First they got the report from the previous intersection that Cayenne has passed by – so you guys prepare to meet them. They stop the car, break the windows, throw light grenades inside the car but then notice that instead of the gang of Southerners there are only two Slavic dudes. Which, as they explained later, were going to Moscow downtown for the lunch. While police were processing those first guys they got a message by radio that another black Cayenne with 177 plates has passed by. As you see the second one was correct. They had the same numbers on the plates but different letters. The Police has payed for the repair works for the first car, don’t worry. The police acted so violently just because those were real organized criminals and because they have killed bank people, and because they were not lying down as asked, and because… well there were many reasons for this. Take a note that they hadn’t beated the guys from the first car, and those from the second who acted as were asked too. According to the rules they need 5 people to intercept the car: first is breaking windshield with a hammer, others break the side windows and throw the light grenades inside. They shot the wheels because the car’s gear selector was not at “P” position and was continue moving. Just to sum it up: they were catching not those who steal something small from the pockets and that’s why acted like this”.

The video itself is below, guys from the first car got really in the bad place in the bad time:

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  1. Aah – that’s pretty nice, brings back good ole memories from the past. Fascintating brutal arrogant psychotic police state. Yes, the long time awaited welcome back to idealistic state terrorism. Hope for these kind o’ criminals we have a place in siberias uranium mines? Thank you people of Russia that you and we all let this happen.

  2. actually, there are too many Cayennes on Moscow streets
    so there’s nothing wrong
    i bet there are more Cayennes than eg VW Golf mk 5 in Moscow (though Golf isn’t very popular)

  3. I think it was translated awkwardly, but they were not going to rob a bank in the Cayenne… The police got a tip that the original robbers of the bank were heading to a certain location in a Cayenne.

  4. Wow, that is intense! Good thing they paid for the damages, but I sure would have been shocked to be a regular dude going to lunch, and then attacked and arrested by the police.

  5. 1) Excellent job by the police team – despite error.
    2) Unbelievable odds of 2 Cayennes with almost identical plates being in same area.
    A good friend of mine is a veteran of СОБР (Russian fast response police) in Vladivostok. These guys don’t f-ck around.

  6. This is like watching “COPS” in Russia without the english nararator.I only saw 2 episodes when it was in the soviet days on tv.

    Sometimes channel surfing has some surprises!

  7. The new russian girls photo trend page has some interesting comments that Nina and Julia do not like!

    Would anyone like to add to it?

  8. Well, it’s almost impossible to earn enough money for Cayenne in Russia using fair methods. So first guys deserved those beatings too

  9. just couldnt stay out of this . it’s amazing how provincial still russians stay , even theese guys who shouldn’t. just scum talking they make ..

  10. Do not want anything to write. But understand this: In this car sat the criminals who killed so many people and selling drugs. Such people should sit in jail (the perpetrators). and the Russian special forces did well. Good people, they would not beat. Criminals deserve.

    P.S. Remember the Americans: do not build ourselves out of supermen. You place a superman.
    I have not never heard that somebody would say something good about Russia. You behave as fools. Nothing незнаете about Russia, you just insulted her.

    Let’s live in peace. so will be better.
    Komunizma is no more and no war between Russia and the United States. So let’s live together.

    Sorry for my bad English

    Translated by Gooooooooooogle

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  12. I only wish criminals were treated half as rough as these were in the U.S. People need to fear the consequences of thier actions.

  13. The same thing happens nearly daily in the US. Only in the US, they would not have payed for the damages to the first vehicle they plundered. It’s the same with pursuits. If your person or property is damaged in a police pursuit, tough tittie. You can TRY to sue the police department for damages, but most cases are thrown out of court due to laws governing police high speed pursuits.
    The good ol’ U.S. of A.
    Land of the farce, home of the bribe.

  14. This comment is for miss Finland comment #10. Please don´t even put the name Persians between georgians or indians. Second, you are from FINLAND?!?!?!? You wished that you were from the Middle-east you PASENT!!! miss VIKING hahahahaha

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  18. I hardly see any point in kicking a guy blinded by flash bangs and so helplessly deaf, no doubt the criminals must be punished but that’s what law is for.

  19. that was cool …I thought the 1st guys were gonna be connected with the other guys after all….maybe those plate numbers are common. Shoulda hired the transporter….hahhaaha

  20. guys guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuys……..there is alot of garbage like this everywhere in the world!!!!!

    US, Africa, London, EVERYWHERE….and the root of th eproblem is the saaaaaaaaaaaaame…. PEOPLE!!!

    They are all humans!! dont blame monkeys for being monkeys! blame theyre owners!

    The goverment…president….etc!

    Cant change much there….

  21. A little half way through the video, you hear, ” on your back, let’s go…” In perfect english. ???????

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