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  1. Looks like you need a committee there to solve the problem of the studs sticking out of the plate steel. I’ll send over a advance party for discussions on this matter, then we can do a study.

    I figure sometime by 2014 we can purchase a grinder from the local Harbor Freight for a cost analysis, studies and environmental impact survey. If it passes, we could have it too you by 2020 or so, and I am sure a skilled worker could grind down those studs in just a few minutes.

    Mr Obama.

    • You forgot the 40% to 70% cost overruns and the union labor that will require 6 people to arrange logistics and rent the machinery, 4 men to collect the machinery, and 8 men to operate the grinder plus a union steward to supervise the entire operation.

  2. Plus: by BOLTING the two halves of the bridge together, they are endangering the rest of the bridge! Those are EXPANSION JOINTS, they are there for a reason: to allow the bridge deck segments to expand when it gets hot.

    The thermal expansion builds up a lot of stress in the materials, and if that stress is not relieved by movement at those joints, it will be relieved … somewhere else, who knows where? Like, in the concrete support beams. I do not believe that any civil engineer signed off on that change – or that’s an engineer who should lose his or her license to practice.

  3. А на Савеле на мосту вообще лист железа просто положили сверху.
    Идешь под мостом, а оно сверху – ТЫДЫЩ!!!!
    Кстати, очень похоже что этот самый лист и приварили. Завтра зайду посмотрю.

    I don’t want to write on bloody english, sorry, mate.

  4. In defense of the Russian “engineers” who thought of this solution, the first and only time I saw this kind of road repairs was when I visited Manhattan in New York City. There I saw many of these steel plates with even bigger bolts on busy intersections with large numbers of cars and heavy trucks not even bothering anymore to avoid them…

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  6. oh, sorry boy that I couldn´t write the perfect english you like, I thought that it would be enought if somebody understand me even if it wasn´t a perfect english.

    Don´t call me mestizo, spanish killed every single indian in cuba, and there are no black people in my family, in fact we tend to be racists, not to hate blacks, just discriminate them a lot even if we have a black friend. or is it that for being born in latin america I have now brown skin and a bone in my head? look, latin america is not just dominica and guatemala, ok, there are white people in this area, cultural diversity, and good people (depending where you go); and judging for the comment you made, many of them have more brain than you.

    Did you understand? or should I have to write it in a perfect english so it can fit in that tiny brain you have?

  7. That joints are for allow the bridge to contract and expand due to variations in temperature, if it are fixed in that way -not allowing it movement- it is very likely to have cracks that could produce an structural failure.

  8. that thin steel plate will warp if there is any contraction of the span because only that portion is fused .It would take a complete fuse on each side of the sub footing and the span to produce a buckle in the super structural itself .
    Physics is so much fun .

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