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    • omg russians think they are so cool and better than everyone els they can hold up traffic to connect to the internet.

    • she’s right though, what’s with not wash your damn cars? in USA even ghetto thugs and white thrash wouldn’t drive a car in such a pity state

      • Thats because in USA white trash and ghetto thugs would rather live on a trailler and eat KFC in order to have a “cool” car, like the one I saw the other day, a honda with silver rims and carbon roof, pathetic US mentality

  1. OMG Miss India will comment here soon.

    OMG this is Miss India:


  2. I stayed in Omsk a few weeks a year ago, and even being 10 stories up in a flat, with the laptop on the balcony I could not pick up a single network, nor did I ever pull one in around the city anywhere, I always thought that was strange.

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    • Russian girls are hot!! I know as I married one!! Got to love the freak in sheets they love to be…..

      Just last night I said “dear, I got a headache”! Tatyana says can I kiss it to make it feel better?? Oh, ya!!!!!!!

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  6. It’s winter, your car gets dirty in one day. FOOL!

    Fat yanks need clean cars as they spend a lot of time eating in them!

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  9. “hey other Russian! I have a notebook!”
    …and gold tooth because I am rich. – Many Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian women, girls have gold tooth, teeth…:|

    Greetings from Poland.

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