35 thoughts on “Russian Enema Monument”

  1. This item was part of the initial competition of product design and development for what eventually became the Ahmadinejad Anal Advocate.

    However, the item shown above, known during development and test marketing as the “Anal Onion,” was not ultimately chosen due to concerns about discretion. After all, can you imagine trying to hide one of those in a ladies handbag or man’s trousers or travel bag?

    I admire Russian technology and design (especially in matters nuclear), but I must say I believe my A3 has proven to be the better product, and we made the right choice.

    Plus, the A3 has turned into one of our best fundraising items for sale during our fundraising telethons for jihad.

    Still . . . the Anal Onion is quite impressive to look at, and we are thinking about another test marketing of it for home use. It would certainly be a great conversation for those awkward parties at which the guests don’t know each other!

    Yours in anal health,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    A3 Designer; Winner, Tehran Traders Innovator of the Year Award

  2. Funny thing is that Miss India has some troubles with expressing her wise thoughts, probably she has some bad memories with enema 🙂

    Nurse girls are stunning indeed.

  3. Now this is something to be proud of??

    Russia is more open and relaxed about everything unlike the ultra concervative USA!

    That is what I like about Russia.

    • Maybe that explains why the average Russian’s quality of life and opportunity is so much better than the average American’s. Hopefully you can move there and leave those uptight Americans to their silly old ways. Good luck!

      • I was not refering to the quality of life,just the mental attitude about everything!

        The FCC is less active (if there is one) in Russia!

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  6. lil bit strange and weird. i’m wondering there iznt any idea except this monument. maybe the enema is really important to Russians daily life kkk

  7. notice the happy excited faces on the many children watching. I wonder how many of the got enemas from mommy as soon as the got home that day? I am sure this event got all of the moms and a lot of the kids “in the mood”


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