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  1. Maybe I should go to Zeleznovodzk [ Железноводск ] there is a specialist there in the hospital he even erected big monument for enema in front of his hospital !!


    Enema = klysma in russian, might help, all russians have several at home to help them cope with constipation due to eating potatoes and cabbage all the time. And salads with mayonnaise as main ingredient!! Vodka helps but not enough, need urgent help, blood, pain.

  2. I really love this half-life 2-style afternoon-mood! Мне очень нравятся эти картини!

  3. OMA! What a wild imagination! Please, English Russia, contact the artist on my behalf and ask for the special tobacco blend used before work.

    Think of the imaginative ways I could develop for jihad if I had some of that wonderful thought-provoking blend.

    Anxiously awaiting the recipe,
    M. Ahmadinejad
    Promoter of artistic jihad

    • Half-life is not the peak of apocalyptic art, people, get over it. Besides these are more sci-fi than apocalyptic.

      As for the rest of you:
      And Dali is lame, showy BS art to be honest. These conceptual pieces are a tad better.

  4. Amazing. I’d love to see a FPS/RPG/adventure game based on this art. It would be like combining the best parts of Half-Life 2, Fallout 3 and Bioshock with touch of Salvador Dali and Hayao Miyazaki. In other words: KICK ASS AWESOMENESS.

  5. these illustrations are made by the author for Stanislaw Lem’s fiction:


    more can be found at:


    you can translate russian text with google

  6. You can see more at alexandreev.livejournal.com

    The artist creates illustrations mainly for Stanislaw Lem’s works, such as Eden and The Invincible.

  7. Well sir, you need time to collect your thoughts, get it all together so to speak. Don’t resist the attendants, talk freely with the therapists. It’s all for your own good, this time to think. Everything will be all right, be calm, it will all work out.

    Later you will understand that for your own mental health, you must give up that which you call your ‘ART’. It isn’t. Niether is Dali’s, as he became/changed himself to be increasingly unhinged. You know about that because you’re following his artistic lead, eh? So give that up. Then you’ll have a life. Maybe.

    • But then again, this IS pretty much standard stuff spread all over the internet – re-hashed modernist(a bit of every movement and genre) art so to say.
      I do like some of them, interesting concepts.

  8. I´ll second that, atheos! I think the more sci-fi ones are awesome – especially the one of the city on the cliff! Also, the airplane stuck in cobweb is really thought-provoking.

  9. very similar to Beksinski


    • Zdzislaw Beksinski is far more impressive and powerful, but I agree. The artist of these pieces seems to be inspired by many different modernist and post-modernist masters and current popular concept artists (which are also inspired by the [post]modernists, heh).


    • Oh come on,
      This guy has been inspired by a lot different artists, obviously – not just the older masters (Beksinski, Magritte, Dali, etc), but also the more common conceptual artists (who are also inspired by the ones I already mentioned).

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  12. Wow!
    These are amazing, it makes me want to go and start working on a fantasy novel or comic. Time to get back to drawing…
    These are fantastic fantasy images, extremely creative and very well drawn.
    10 / 10 for sure!

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  17. Fantastic imagination. How anyone could call this “predictable art” I have no idea! I concur with the urge to start writing sci fi, though may content with reading at the moment. I’m not nearly as talented in my imaginings as this guy. Kudos sir!

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    • I agree with most of what you say, though some of these could very well be in the past. For instance, picture 6, 10, and 30, seem to be screaming that they were in a parallel past of our own world. Number 30 would be the cities if steam power had prevailed and had become more advanced. Obviously, some pictures do portray modern day to futuristic qualities, for instance, 35-39.

  20. ‘Hermetic’ means something that not a lot of people could undestand. There’s also hermetic literature.
    His art is a fine example of what digital art should be.

  21. Actually, this really reminded me of Studio Ghibli. I’m surprised nobody else mentioned this. Well, more specifically, it relates to “Castles in the Sky.” Those who have watched it should know what I mean (and if you haven’t watched it, I urge you to; an amazing movie, it was!) Of course, I’m not saying these pictures are exact replicas of Studio Ghibli, because they aren’t. Its just the general concepts of massive landforms and hoverships and hovering massive landforms… which I may add are very, VERY interesting concepts… very fascinating….

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  25. I truly love this work.

    it’s dystopian in two senses:

    1) Life is literally backwards with cities in the sky

    2) If utopia is about a perfectly organized and well planned civilization, then this dystopia shows how life makes its own plan and grows in the way it needs – regardless of planning.

    Love it

  26. His “HERMETIC” PROBABLY COMES FROM the following:
    Hermes was born on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Hermes is the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology & additionally as a guide to the Underworld. He is an Olympian god, also the patron of boundaries & of the travelers who cross them, of the cunning of thieves, liars, orators & wit, of shepherds, cowherds, of literature and poets, athletics, weights and measures, invention, and commerce in general. This is it.


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