29 thoughts on “Light Up Your Lamp”

  1. or just use you cellphone.
    note: in former USSSR countries – deployed mostly GSM celluar networks, which uses 2W(!!!!)transmitter inside. or even more powerful in some models.
    my balls screaming at that intensity, being irradiated almost constantly, my speakers[screened !!]cracks{2 sec} before incoming calls.

    deployment UMTS are slow-slow-slo, because current GSM tarif are astonishing.
    CDMA-2000(but erratically 450Mhz-banded) EV-DO deployed alittle, but those pesky phones[propritary model] … and operators, being part of international organized cryme ..

  2. If there are any kind Estonians on this site still, will you please cause a big disturbance with Russia so that we can have something new to laugh about for the next few weeks?

    • laugh at our bank s ruling your country ! or maybe not your country, I heard Texas trying to free themselves from U S A in order to become poorer more faster !

  3. Can you imagine what happens to your head if you make a lot of phone calls… And the industry keeps telling us all is fine and it has no negative side effects…

  4. “industry” sell humans poison for centuries, so WHAT ?
    amd NO, 2W transmitter is WAY TOO HIGH for cellphones.
    take a look at UMTS and CDMA2k for example – from neligibly low 0.008 W to 0.1 W output(Max).

    read some book about radiophysics and medicine and keep in mind, EAR mean only short term exposure and impact not very serious investigated.
    2W simply UNACCEPTABLE.

  5. These walkies-talkies have maximum power 5W, much more than mobile phones. And they operate in continuous power mode, so energy is enough to turn on fluorescent lamps.

    In my job such transmitters create disturbance to computer speakers from many meters away!

  6. both wrong:
    1 walkiie-talkie is NOT operates in constant transmitting mode, while cellphones – does.

    note :in THAT case more significant is DISTANCE between tranmitter and bulb.

    in my life any of my mobiles phones[mean GSM only ones] all of them – triggger speakers about 12 meters away.
    $%ck the obsolete GSM !!!

    • no.. $%ck those badly designed speakers! It IS possible to make speakers and other devices that don’t suffer of any significant GSM interference and it shouldn’t really even be too difficult or costly.

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  8. Well, I just tried this with a dual band HT, 5 watts out, on the 2 meter band and 70cm band, neither at 5 watts out would do anything with the bulb/s I tried.


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