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    • Dear friendly but confused troll,

      You obviously haven’t seen Persian architecture. Of course, some of the best elements of European architecture may be traced to older civilizations, especially the mighty Persian empires, so I suppose the Europeans at least deserve credit for being sensible enough to copy from the best, just like Peter the Great copied from the French and Italians in architecture, from the Dutch in shipbuilding and maritime trade, from the English in drunken arrogance, and from the Germans in kinky sex toys.

      And please, any of you Arabist architecture students out there, don’t bother me with your comments about Arab arches, etc., etc. Persians were arching long before Arabs left their camel-skin tents for their first permanent mud-brick-with-reed-top structure.

      Yours in architectural appreciation,
      M. Ahmadinejad

      • Dear troll,

        Please do not confuse arrogance with objective, factual observation.

        Now – are you an Arab, or is it just your inability to create a sentence without profanity that makes me think so?

        Although, now that I think about it, the fact that you can write makes me think maybe you are NOT Arab.

        And please, please realize – Persia was a mighty empire when Euros were still living in thatched-roof huts, fighting from one valley to the next, and not bathing more than once or twice a year (you know how that is, right?).

        Yours in advanced articulation,
        M. Ahmadinejad

        • If the Middle East is so advanced, why do millions of Arabs and other third worlders immigrate to Europe? Surely the Middle East is a better place to live.

  1. Brilliant photography and post processing. Very evocative images. I have wanted to visit St. Petersburg for many years and these photos simply increase my desire to visit.


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  3. nah too much photoshopping, don’t like it!!!

    the people on the roof have clearly been fakely placed in front of the hermitage, u can see the background of that pic is the one of the previous pic…

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  5. Very nice photos! The first one and last one seemed to be the best with the old buildings showing the past and the cranes building for the future. Very nice.

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