Rocket Key

Russian space key

What you see here is obviously key. What differs this particular one from some other key is that with a turn of this key the most powerful machine built by human genius in our modern times was awaken to life. This is the key from Russian space rockets, thousand tons monsters carrying tons of cargo weight to the Russian space station “MIR” which is sunk in pacific now.

Russian space key 4

Such keys were a real artefact amongst engineers participating in the launches and there was a long line of those who wanted to get the next one as a present.

Russian space key 2

Russian space key 3

Those things are the actual dashboards in which the key had to be inserted and turned on in order to initiate the start sequence. After it was initiated nothing could stop it. You can see how the metal around keyhole has moltened and blackened – they had to have very high voltages there – but what else would you expect during those glorious times they didn’t save on energy.

Russian space key 5

Also this key was a symbol of Russian town Leninsk, or Baikonur as it was called later – the place in what we now know as Kazakhstan from where most of the Soviet rockets were launched. The people of the city put the drawing of this key to the Leninsk coats of arms.

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  1. Oh my friend, you really made me laugh. 🙂

    However, I think it more likely for an American astronaut to do such a thing, much like the female astro-nut who drove in her diapers across the USA to shoot her lover’s wife. I think that must have been a career-breaker, even in the US government, yes?

    M. Ahmadinejad
    Persian, with great sense of humor

    • Persians don’t have a sense of humor let alone a great one.Allah gave them the ability to wave a white flag,hump camels,beat their women and lie…no where was humor given.

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  4. “You can see how the metal around keyhole has moltened and blackened – they had to have very high voltages there”
    That’s incorrect. Soft black ribbon diffused into oil-based painting for decades, nothing but.

  5. Very cool.

    Keys to the future we lost.

    Now it seems the entire Earth will suffocate while we murder eachother for the last few drops of poison in the ground instead of reaching for the stars.

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