21 thoughts on “City Trains”

  1. The lady with short brown hair in the bottom right corner of the first photo probably plans to attend a formal evening event at which she will wear a strapless gown, and therefore does not wish to have suntan lines across her back and shoulders. That is why she is sun-tanning topless.

    Meanwhile, at least she had the good taste to know that her milky white skin would clash with light-colored fabric, and chose to go with a nice black bottom while she sunbathes in public.

    Although, based on the size of her feet, I think she will have worse problems than tan lines to worry about when she goes shopping for fashionable shoes.

    M. Ahmadinejad
    Founder and CEO, “Tehran Tan” indoor tanning salons

      • No, my dear. Not at all. I was only replying to the question above about why some of the women were sunbathing topless.

        I would never dump you for a Ukrainian woman with big feet. Bit Ukrainian breasts would tempt me, but not big Ukrainian feet.

        Yours feetfully–I mean, faithfully,
        M. Ahmadinejad
        Not a foot fetisher. Really.

  2. would it tempt you Mahmoud my feisty Persian, if I tell you of my well endowed cleavage and six inch Marco Balano stilettos?

    oh and appropriate hosiery to wear my marco balanos with?

    yours in peace and harmony

    Mrs Ahmadienjad


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