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  1. OMA!

    The designer of this automobile is an imaginative genius of covert operations. He has designed the perfect surveillance vehicle and the perfect bomb.

    Think about it . . . a team of spies needs a place from which to hide and photograph infidel activities, so what do they do? They drive this car, under cover of darkness, to a strategic position, park, turn off the ignition, watch, wait, and photograph or record all they need. Inside the care they will have all the food, water, and defecation bags they need for a long stay, so they will not have to move around and risk detection.

    If anyone suspects anything they will not be able to figure out what is going on, because everyone will say, “No, there is nothing here except that big watermelon over there.”

    If a large bomb is needed, the car can be filled with explosives, parked near the target, and detonated without anyone ever suspecting anything. After all, why would anyone suspect danger from a watermelon, even if it is a very large one? Unless, of course, one eats it. You know how quickly and violently–some would even say “explosively”– watermelon makes the bowel movements become.

    Yours in creative covert car design,
    M. Ahmadinejad

    • Thank you, my friend, and you are correct about the wacky Pakis. Right now they are probably wishing they were in Guantanamo. 😉

      I wonder how the London Police were on to them anyway? Probably they were sold out by some London Arabs who lived in a nearby tenement.

  2. If you gyus only were serving fresh news…

    Went to Kiev and started chatting with a beautiful lady. We had some intense conversation where I brought the best out of my natural, cultured, extremely polite charm and was pretty sure of my thing that evening. So, wasn´t really surprised at the moment when she asked if I wanted to see her melon. Afterwards, she said, she could give me a ride I´ve never experienced before.

    Now this wasn´t really what was on my mind! But hey, it was anyway a free ride back to the hotel.

    • At the age of three, remember myself dreaming about a greencard. Just couldn`t get those big houses and that democratic style of life out of my mind. Uuch, bring me a Mustang. Make me even happy with a Dodge.

      That stylish, cultivated man at the eighties with a hat who had been acting at some movies became some sort of an obsession to me. Could there have been any better follower to the will of people?! Is there any better way of saving the world than putting up some fireworks in the air?? How I didn`t admire him!!! At these days can only find one successor to him; generally called as “Texas ranger”. He kicks ass and not only talk!

  3. Well I now live in a state and not just a city.There are not as many flats here.This country has more neetness than Russia.Well in most places it does.There is some graffiti here but not as much as Ekaterinburg.

    So was there anything you liked about Ekaterinburg,did you do anything fun there?

      • This site has a malfunction with it sometimes.

        Well..the brownish tap water I bathed in had a wierd smell to it.The food was good but it gave me heartburn.

        I did like the russian hospitality.The people I visit gave me candy or cookies and tea.That is what I miss about that country.

        The circus was fun.That was the only city I have been to with a subway.That was kind of fun too.
        The Ikea Mega Mall reminded me of America,but it was nicer than the malls in my city.

    • The euro-russia just like everything negro likes. Negro likes the watermelon so they paint their car like the watermelon. Now they even like that dimwit negro Obama. Why they want to be like dumb negro? Why can’t thy just be happy with great men like George W. Bush? At least Bush smart, unlike the dumb socialist negro.

  4. In Russia they tell you to go out !

    Walk on snow and kick the dvorniki [streetsweepers] into gear! So snow will dissappear and we will have our beloved muddy end wet roads again!

    many roads in city here are still unpaved so nice fun for the children to play in mud and spread it into the house where mama has to clean it day after day which is good because it makes her lose weight and i want my mama to look like 20 again when she was thin and longlegged and not massive bogatir bulldozer-like monster. She is now 38 and 85 kiloos [1.62 cm]/ Looking for a date btw.

  5. I was Googling for information on what to plant in my garden. I am not sure how but Baidu pulled up your writingand I thought it might be worth reading and so I decided to read it. I am happy I did because I came away with a new viewpoint. 😀


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