13 thoughts on “Russian Navy Comics”

  1. I’d love to know what’s going on in most of these. They look great but was there any text or punchlines?

  2. this is the best the Australian army could come up with

    I was doing ok with these they are quite funny. A couple remind me of ‘Das Boot’ or the hunt for Red October. The I thought back to my recent visit to a collins class sub, were we started talking about the Kursk.

    Yes these are funny, but submarines are a serious business.

    RIP kursk lying in dry dock somewhere in Russia.

    And Rip you crew, whom the Russian government left to die.

  3. I notice the submarines interior is very well detailed in the drawings. I wonder if they resemble the actual machines.

  4. боже мой. такое чувство, что этот вот “шедевр” представляет все наши комиксы.
    бред =\\\

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